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Laser drum unit how to maintain

by:Colorunion     2020-09-16
1. Room temperature should be controlled at about 22 ℃, relative humidity 20% ~ 80%; And avoid direct sunlight and chemical erosion. 2. Laser selenium drum according to the command from the computer, through the photoelectric effect, the charged toner adsorption on the photosensitive drum, and out of the photosensitive drum print to the printing paper, heat the toner, toner into the paper fibers, complete printing function. So the drum play an important role in the whole process of laser printing, so the drum maintenance is more important. Photosensitive drum at work should maintain relative humidity was 20% ~ 80%, the temperature at 10 ~ 32. 5 ℃, avoid direct sunlight, and try to be a constant temperature and humidity. 3. Laser optical cassette for drum is the key to the drum unit components, optical components have smudgy, will not be able to make from computer transmission of digital information by accurate photoelectric transition for the electrostatic latent image: text, images, digital information cannot transfer correctly on the carrier. So optical components don't clean is the main factors influencing the quality of carrier effect. Cassette in optical components, position, is in a very precise and special equipment debugging, no special equipment can't transfer. Of laser detection, optical fiber, focusing lens, six prism and clean maintenance should be very cautious, careful. Clean the above parts, parts, can only use bamboo tweezers or cork sheet, sticks, avoid in the process of cleaning metal damage or scratch optical components. Clean good optical parts of six prism 'dry clean', other components can be 'dry cleaning' or 'water'. 'Water' anhydrous ethanol are available, and when cleaning with wooden or bamboo qualitative tools to cooperate, use suede or medical absorbent cotton, achieve clean effect, but good 'dry clean', because 'water absorbent cotton' easy loose fibre, optical effect. 4. Laser working process of the drum is the toner melts into the paper with photoelectric principle, and therefore cannot have static laser selenium drum paper must be dry, otherwise easy card or after printing files were black. Printing paper should be kept in temperature 17 ~ 23 ℃, relative humidity was 40% ~ 50% of the environment, so that we can get the printing effect. 5. Fault, if found in the process of printing paper drum cover can be opened, the card within the toner cartridge of paper draw out, closing the selenium drum cover, the fault can be ruled out. If failure often use dry cloth to clean the corona wire of drum unit and paper orbit. 6. Laser drums in the printing process can produce ozone, ozone every print fifty thousand copies must be replaced filter, while the ozone filter looks clean, but can not filter the ozone. When laser drum unit in a crowded environment, poor ventilation of the room, drums vent is face to operators, ozone filters used long drums in the printing process can be generated by the ozone produced a harm to human body, must improve the drum unit work environment, and in a timely manner to replace the ozone filter. 7. At ordinary times should often use dry cloth paper scraps and dust from the laser selenium drum, and clean the corona wire, etc. , only in this way can ensure the normal use of laser selenium drum, and prolong the life span.
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