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Know the selenium drum ink

by:Colorunion     2020-09-12
In real life, the concept of ink including category is very broad. Especially inkjet ink, and here is drum unit using one of the drum unit - Ink, more specifically is compatible with the filling of the original production of ink. As is known to all, the characteristics of inkjet cartridge again a big drum is more expensive. This is because the selenium drum ink manufacturers, the factory are sold with selenium drum, so the cost and price is high, many users feel unbearable. In order to solve this situation, some manufacturers have developed independent packing compatible ink. Users can through the methods of drill hole in the original drum unit, ink will inject selenium drum, so that the already run out of ink, and should be scrapped the drum unit used again, so as to achieve the aim of lowering the cost of print use. In theory, a variety of drums are filling ink, used for many times. But because of the reason of the selenium drum structure, relatively more filling ink used in one-piece drum unit. This is because the one-piece drums is to integrate the nozzle on the drum unit, when after you replace a new drum unit, ink means replaced a new print head at the same time, if fill fail, scrap which is merely a toner cartridge unit should be scrapped. Generally do not harm the drum unit. And split type drum unit refers to the separate nozzle and drum unit design products, inkjet head is not replaced, once populated failure is likely to affect the drum unit. So the risk relatively large. Therefore when using compatible with selenium drum, generally is compatible for one-piece drum unit adopt filling selenium drum, while for split type drum unit using compatible drums were used. Drums of course integration is not likely to give users limit filling ink, in general, after using the original ink, you can also fill 3 ~ 4 times. If found that the print quality decreased obviously, then need to change a new drum.
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