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Inventory drums copier common!

by:Colorunion     2020-09-15
Copy machine drums and other office equipment has become an integral part of the office, after buying equipment, the fee or drums. Internally, in order not to affect the work, office space will spare some commonly used drum unit. Exactly what is printing devices commonly used drum unit? Small make up today to review some common toner cartridge unit of printing devices.


also known as the photosensitive drum, generally by the aluminum base material, and used for drums, copiers, laser machine of each machine of different selenium toner cartridge.

powder storehouse

and used for drums, copiers, laser machine is actually part of the selenium drum, it only carbon powder, no photosensitive components, powder part of drum drum powder is separated.


is used for ink-jet type drum unit, ink jet fax machines, all-in-one PC is used to store in the printing ink, and finally finished printing parts.

carbon powder

drums or powder storehouse of powder, can buy for your add powder to single drum unit or in powder storehouse, each kind of drums corresponding powder may not be the same.


liquid part of the selenium drum, can buy to their single pump into the toner cartridge unit.


attrition medium is independent of the equipment, it can be divided into the printer paper, color paper, glossy paper and vegetable parchment.

refill ribbon and ribbon

for pin type drum unit, using the pin type drum head within the lattice firing pin or letters in the English typewriter into pieces, to hit printing ribbon, print effect on the printing paper.

the above is the common drum printing devices, small make up take you also the chance to check whether the spare enough, if not, have to replenish oh.
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