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Introduction to laser selenium drum drum unit

by:Colorunion     2020-09-11
Introduction to laser selenium drum drum unit believes that many friends have used toner cartridge unit, but a lot of friends don't know inside the drum major part is the drum drum unit, here we will have a simple talk about the 'laser selenium drum drum unit'. A good laser drums key components is drum unit, also known as the photosensitive drum. It not only determines the print quality is good or bad, also decided to the users in the use process need to spend how many money. In laser selenium drum, more than 70% of the imaging component concentration in the drum unit, print quality is good or bad, in fact, is largely determined by the drum unit. unit model is refers to the type of the selenium drum drum unit that can be used, in general, use vendor recommended match the drum drum unit model, different models unless secondary filling using, also won't be able to use. unit generally consists of aluminum tube and photosensitive material, its surface generally consists of three layers of material, and some special drums, the surface will have 4 ~ 5 layers of material. In addition to the normal drum unit layer, fourth and fifth floor designed to protect sensitive layer, in order to protect the toner cartridge unit long life. unit has a one-piece ( Or one-piece) And separate the two. Integration of drum unit in the design is mainly put toner cartridges and photosensitive drum in the same device, when the carbon powder was used up or the photosensitive drum is damaged when the drums have to be scrapped. With this kind of drum unit models mainly HP ( HP) And Canon ( Canon) Models, this unique design increases the user's printing costs, and the harm of the pollution to the environment, but brought profits to manufacturers. Separate drum unit carbon powder and photosensitive drum each set on different devices, such as the photosensitive drum generally have a long service life, the life of the general can print twenty thousand copies. Only need to change by consume carbon powder, it greatly reduces the user's printing costs. Friend, saw these, isn't it feel has already had a target to buy what kind of laser selenium drum drum unit. For environmental protection and refueling!
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