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Introduction to laser cartridge again how to release the dust

by:Colorunion     2020-09-16
With the continuous improvement of living standards, we pay more attention to their own health problems. Especially the gens going to work, every day to use laser printing products, its pollution to the environment, to the detriment of the health, also gradually accepted by people. Laser printing products at work, then, is how to impact on the environment? When it comes to laser drum unit is how to adverse effects on the environment, first of all, we will speak of from the working principle of laser printing products. Laser selenium drum, at work can be divided into charging, exposure, development and transfer, fixing, cleaning, electrical seven steps. Charging process laser selenium drum drum light conductor material in the case of light as an insulator, a neutral state, without any charge. In order to achieve on the optical surface & quot; Electrostatic latent image & quot; Conductor surface charge, must be in the light, and charged. Only in this way, when the laser beam scanning on the photoconductor, the point being exposed the photoconductor conduction, forming lattice beam. Lattice conduction charge and matrix form & quot; Potential difference latent image & quot; , when the drum rotation to the enhancement of magnetic roller tangent position, carrying on the magnetic roller in contrast to the light conductor surface charge properties of toner attract the photosensitive drum surface, thereby showing toner image on the photosensitive toner cartridge. To make the photosensitive drum adsorption on carbon powder, can according to the graphic information should be to charge of drum unit, charging electrode is a parallel to the drum shaft tungsten filament, with its 5 ~ 7 kv dc high voltage, when the drum surface and the tungsten wire is very close to the surrounding air ionization produce corona discharge, the photosensitive drum took charge. Voltage of plus or minus is determined by the tungsten with the voltage, if the optical materials for selenium, tellurium alloy is charged positively, photosensitive drum rotation after a week to make the entire surface were charging. Laser drums on the photosensitive drum charging methods, different models to the specific charging methods are different, but the charging principle, are using dc high voltage corona discharge on the drum surface charge. Throughout the charging process, the photosensitive drum adsorption charged carbon powder, a link is likely to impact on the environment to build the stage. In this part, if the user is using a compatible with selenium drum, or filling carbon powder, is easy to cause carbon powder as adsorption process sends out into the air, and the release of the carbon powder is a kind of extremely small particles, the particles can be accompanied by our breathing into the lungs, the longer it will affect our health. Development process when the drum surface electrostatic latent image formation, the toner image is showed through the development, the process is the 'development'. Development work done by the developer, its role is the electrostatic latent image into a visible image. When we will be printing paper into the machine, the paper will be in contact with the photosensitive drum, be full of negative charge. When printing paper in contact with the photosensitive drum, of positive charge on the electrostatic latent image will be typed and negative charges attract each other, to adhere to the printed page, after heating for heat transfer unit carbon fiber adsorption, the outer ring of powder particles and the paper form to print the image. unit automatically after removing the drum on the rest of the carbon powder, and the potential reformed, in order to begin the next round of cycle. The second phase in the developing process, in the process of heat transfer units and the drum to remove carbon powder, are likely to cause leakage of carbon powder. Especially in heat transfer unit, users who use compatible with drums and irrigation powder more dangerous. With the increase of heat transfer unit temperature, not only can make the carbon powder leakage, is more likely to lead to higher gas generated harmfulness, so as to cause more damage to human respiratory tract, lung. After understanding the harm of laser printing products, we should take more measures to cope with laser printing products may cause harm to our health.
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