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Introduction to drum unit wholesale brand market

by:Colorunion     2020-09-11
Homemade drum unit wholesale enterprises increased rapidly in recent years, selenium toner cartridge wholesale brand market competition is more intense, but company in research and development strength, the scale of production large enterprise is still rare. Make a drum unit wholesale brand, need saving more energy, but also need a good external conditions. So you can see in the drum unit market, the wholesale new brands emerge in endlessly, but at the same time, dead brand is not in the minority. Selenium drum manufacturers domestic drum unit wholesale manufacturers in of tianwei, frames, tianwei started early, can be said to be worthy of general printing industry. Secondly 'dragon' brand, dragon drum unit wholesale production factory is located in zhuhai, zhuhai is the world's 'toner cartridge unit wholesale city' title. Dragon drum unit wholesale brand, general drum unit rising star. unit wholesale market to form the original drum unit wholesale competition with general toner cartridge unit two camps, fake drums mixed in it at the same time, the real competition is very encouraging. Represented by HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, selenium drum manufacturing giant, is the 'first' drum unit wholesale market. These vendors thinking is can imagine: we sell a lot of drums, spending on technology, market, and the drum unit produced brand market, of course also should be our harvest. It has been said, the future of print market will be the selenium drum drum gratis, only money. Actual is hitting users: hundreds of yuan inkjet cartridge again is really unbearable. Along with the increase in general drum, drum gratis idea but where is. But in the whole drum unit wholesale brand market, the initiative is still holding in the hands of these drums manufacturers: they have the ability to fully in the drum unit profit and drums to make a choice. Therefore, facing the chaos of the drum unit and competition situation, the original factory is will sit quietly, to gain the initiative in a completely. Note: this content from the Internet.
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