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Introduction: selenium drum drum unit using even the big four reasons for filling powder

by:Colorunion     2020-09-11
In the tide of the market is not to be eliminated, every penny will use to create greater value of the word, like a drum unit wholesale drums drums must be used in the product can save a province, a province again can, after all this kind of product is burning money machine. In the field of drum unit, I'm afraid there's nothing better than even the powder supply and irrigation technology brings more controversial, for each big drum manufacturers, the thorn in the side, is the two types of products, it is the appearance of these two technologies that originally can bring huge profits of the original drum unit sales volume sharply lower, directly affects the fundamental economic interests. Therefore, almost all the manufacturers try their best to to put an end to the use of compatible with selenium drum, if re-enacting that compatible with low selenium toner cartridge print quality only modest advice, drum unit equipped with chip is the basic technology, compatible with selenium drum machine will not be announced used maintenance that is similar to intimidate. Even though epson introduced original ink bin type printing product, perhaps machine on the market sell really good, but the toner cartridge unit sales return not equal to total product sales, although this is because of the ink price has dropped to a single printing costs only a few cents, but compatible ink price is more cheap, chips, ensure that the interests of the original toner cartridge unit means such as captchas, in front of a group of advantage is not cheated miser pale, moreover in each big BBS discussion about how to crack more save time and effort, in front of these people, free print is the final purpose. For most users, even for powder and fill these two technologies is a save money of the Gospel. In today's market, drum unit price lower, but the price of the drum is not cheap, let out the benefit of the fuselage, drum unit cost to earn back into drums manufacturers, and now a drum unit frequently hundreds of yuan, a set of drums is expensive than the fuselage phenomenon also happen from time to tome, in the face of such situation, many people have risk cannot enjoy the warranty service to choose their own filling powder, even for and what the advantages of these two technologies have to be able to attract people, and consumers to choose their reasons? In fact, careful analysis down, mainly lies in four o 'clock. Must be used, even for, powder in order to save money. This is why the vast majority of users to use the original drum unit, even for the powder and the economic benefits of is directly, even for, for one, compared with the original drum unit less poor ink, even for the system can be a one-time load equivalent to about 20 sets of original drum unit of ink, and the price is equivalent to only a few sets of original drum unit, which makes using even the cost of the supply system equivalent to the original drum unit of a dozen or even a 20 points, while their irrigation powder on drum unit for operation of savings is also a lot of cost, in the face of such a significant economic cost, who will not be tempted? Second, in addition to the direct economic benefits, even for the powder, such as technology in the environmental advantage also we have enough reason to choose them. Data shows that only 2012, our country 47. 6 million abandoned drums, drum unit, 4. 7 million, the total volume of 400000 cubic meters, the weight is 23. 6000 50000 tons, can be filled with the train. And these non-biodegradable selenium drum, the vast majority are treated as ordinary garbage discarded. And even for, filling powder technology makes the selenium drum, drum unit can be recycled many times, can effectively reduce the waste drum pressure on the environment, in the face of such situation, in order to give future generations a clear water, blue sky, there is no reason to refuse to even for such technology, powder. Third, the construction of economical society, put an end to waste also gave us the use even sufficient reason for powder and irrigation technology. In recent years, the construction of economical society harmoniously has become the consensus of the our country all levels of people, and one-off original drum unit and such a goal was somewhat out of place. Original drum manufacturers through various means to limit drums can be used only once, but in fact the print head after run out of ink and toner, drums and other parts of life does not end, and if thrown away at this point is not only conducive to environmental protection. But also a waste greatly, and even the supply and the powder technology can effectively increase the use of these parts this can be used multiple times, greatly put an end to this kind of waste. Fourth, even the mature of powder supply and irrigation technology has given us a good reason for using them, although more carefully, not original drum unit on the print quality and original product there is a gap, but now as compatible with selenium drum industry mature, not original drum unit quality have greatly ascend, tianwei, case of lattice, purple light and so on well-known brand product quality has been very reliable, and if the user is not have any stringent requirements on the print quality, now most decent compatible drum unit can meet the requirements, in the face of such situation, I real can not find out the same refuse even for reason, filling powder technology. More than four, says the us to focus on and use even for reasons, filling powder technology, and people focus on the technology is also prompted us to serve for you on this time even for project of big reason, filling powder technology. The use of lower cost, more printing drum unit load is actually the user wants to product, if the drum unit wholesale drums manufacturers still focused on the drum end our profit rather than the words printed products, the industry can only in endless loop, behind every profiteering industry is the resistance of the masses, even for the powder, such as more like a silent resistance of consumers.
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