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Inkjet cartridge again use the dye ink or pigment ink?

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09
Inkjet cartridge again, unlike laser selenium toner cartridge, it not only can print a document, also can print color images, because of its convenience and totipotency, become one of indispensable helper in our daily life. Although ink-jet cartridge again when most people use, but for its toner cartridge unit - Ink, not many people know about. Its ink has two, one is 'dye ink' and 'pigment ink. Then what is the dye ink and pigment ink? What is the difference between two kinds of ink and what? In our daily use, and how should choose? Below we together to the mysteries of the two kinds of ink.

a, ink performance caused by the different dye ink is made up with a specific chemical structure of single molecule, the smallest unit is only 1 - 2 nm. Dye ink stains to dissolve in water or organic solvent dyes, dye molecules in solution completely dissolved. The ink is transparent liquid. Can keep stay wide color gamut, rich, bright color and excellent and superior image quality. And pigment ink is made up of molecules, the smallest unit of pigment in 50 - 200 nm. Pigment ink stains pigment is insoluble in water, with dispersant is suspended in the water, to be less transparent liquid. Able to provide a bright color, clear and sharp black and outstanding durability, including waterproof, prevent fade, save the time for a long time, to prevent the printing block, extend the service life of the print head, etc.

2, 1, waterproof performance: the comparison of various performance of dye ink stains are completely dissolved in the ink, single molecule way stain particles is small, soluble in water and other chemical solvent, dye ink is not easy to occur the phenomenon of plug nozzle, print smooth. But a typescript find water, fixed stains will dissolve again on medium, corner o9ccf may cause ink. And the multi-purpose use special adhesive polymer in pigment ink, let pigment has strong adhesive force, and inkjet print head stability not blocked. In dry ink, glue on the paint surface to form a layer of durable protective film, effectively waterproof. 2, prevent fading performance: the dye ink stains directly exposed to the air, under the effect of ray and ozone etc, the dye colorant chemical chain may rupture, causing discoloration phenomenon such as colorant, make the typescript fade, which affects its performance. And pigment ink stains are generally highly crushing of minerals, high stability, and colorants outer package resin layer, it is not easy to fade away.

from the above we can draw the following conclusion: on the waterproof and resistance to fade, pigment ink have more advantages. But on the colorful and print smooth, dye ink performance is better, and cheaper prices. If you need the documents and pictures to save for years, select the pigment ink. If the data is only temporary, dye inks are available, and the cost is low colour is ok.
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