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Inkjet cartridge again parts detection methods and skills

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09
In the process of daily work, inkjet cartridge again suddenly appeared fault is to get the office personnel is very headache. How to conduct a preliminary examination can let small problems resolved quickly, small make up sort out common drum parts inspection maintenance methods and techniques, fodder for the vast number of friends. 'Or other characters, self-check print appear similar failure, is mostly due to the damage of interface circuit. unit belongs to digital circuit, interface circuit to determine if it is damaged, integrated circuit tester can be used for testing.

as a result of the interface chip models similar, substitution method may be adopted for maintenance, such as can work normally after the substitution, then interface chip has been damaged. The new drum unit interface chip are mostly adopts the direct welding method, but the use of integrated circuit socket for installation, so the substitution isn't too difficult. For the old drums when installing the integrated circuit, can add a integrated circuit socket welding, so that will be convenient for maintenance.

2, inkjet head cleaning system failure

under normal circumstances, inkjet head inkjet cartridge again boot after the word car, moving to the nozzle cleaning unit performs automatic cleaning nozzle program, inkjet ink absorption mechanism of head cleaning system began to suction nozzle ink, cleaning, cleaning after the nozzle is nozzle on the shelf of sealing rubber seal up, to ensure the cleaning of ink-jet printer. When the ink jet head cleaning system malfunction, nozzle error in the cleaning process. At this time can make the following processing:

1, inkjet head cleaning system of some parts damaged, such as aging sealing rubber parts, etc. Should replace the damaged components.

2, main control circuit board failure. Must be determined according to the inspection situation to replace or repair the main control circuit board.

3, paper feed motor abnormalities. Because the cleaning unit of ink-jet printer driver is through the paper feed motor to deliver power, when the motor malfunction, inkjet head cleaning system affected by nature. Check and repair the paper feed motor. The motor should be replaced when necessary.

4, word car motor driven part is faulty. Due to the car back to the left ( Some toner cartridge unit is on the right side) After the initial position, to make the paper feed motor driven by a driver go to paper ink jet head cleaning system and automatic feeding device, etc. , when the word car motor drive failure, words can't normal car moved to the nozzle cleaning unit executes the program. Check and repair word car motor and its drive circuit.
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