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In what matters needing attention when add color toner

by:Colorunion     2020-09-14
Color toner with uniform fine grain, strong adsorption capacity, high transfer rate, low waste powder rate, good printing blackness, clear, no bottom ash etc, today's share is small make up on what matters needing attention when add color toner?

first before adding color toner, should read the compact state, namely the cartridges contain parts fits directly fill carbon powder, only imaging of the parts in good condition, you can add powder after satisfactory printing quality, please prepare relevant equipment, avoid the tuyere or direct sunlight place to add powder, please pay attention to make sure the original powder storehouse, magnetic roller, or in developing roller, places such as waste powder collection storehouse of waste powder with a soft brush, such as blowing balloons clean, add powder to the front of the selenium toner cartridge, please shake bottle filling powder, it's important to note that it is strictly prohibited to use hand to touch the surface of the photosensitive toner cartridge, but also prevent the hard object collisions.
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