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In 2016 domestic printing machine development prospect analysis

by:Colorunion     2020-09-13
A four-color offset press, gradually become the darling of the market before the exhibition of domestic offset press are mainly composed of single, double color, four-color offset printing machine market has been controlled by foreign manufacturers. That almost all of the all India exhibition offset press exhibitors introduced a four-color offset press, from eight open four-color, four open four-color folio four-color and all four color, some manufacturer also launched a five-color machine. Displayed in the proportion of the traditional single and two-color offset press greatly reduce user expectations of four-color machine is much higher than expected of single and double color machine. , according to the manufacturer to reflect the four-color machine of each manufacturer orders almost all rows to three months after some have even to the end of the year. Four-color machine by qing mei associated with years of market cultivation. In the past decades are mainly composed of single, double color printer market in China a lot of printing at the start to purchase the single and two-color machine, they through many years of accumulation has had certain capital, just reached the purchase of domestic four-color machine power and this is the current domestic four-color machine is the main reason for the market. 2, the machine's performance improved steadily now the domestic printing press to be able to on-site printing performance that stop-and-go era is over. Accurate overprint under prescribed speed has not become a major problem, the scene show proof overprint error can be controlled at 0. Less than 5 mm, the speed of the machine can reach more than 10000 r/hour. Field of printing, flat screen printing quality has improved significantly. The noise of the machines in basically can meet the standard requirements. Especially commendable is northerners launch volume Jane paper printing machine speed of 75000 copies per hour has reached the advanced level of similar products abroad. Three, machine structure design more and more close to international level all India exhibition display of many domestic manufacturers of equipment in the structure design in addition to their original accumulation of technology and absorb foreign advanced technology and increase a lot of independent innovation technology makes the machine structure design level has increased significantly. Pendulum under the former rules, embossed paper institutions times diameter and pass paper toner cartridge, pneumatic control ( Clutch pressure, ink road interlocking institutions, etc. ) Pneumatic transmission board, conjugate CAM drive mechanism in spring of diao tooth mechanism alcohol wetting, automatic or semi-automatic version on institutions such as basically have become the mainstream of modern printing machine structure. Four, automation degree is gradually improve the automation of domestic printing machine increased significantly with the production of yingkou guanhua offset press for example, to configure the CPC on the eight open four-color offset press ink device, can be directly through the work station to control the size of the various group of ink, the current domestic small offset printing machine manufacturer or by the agency. The new production of a eight open four-color offset press has also been equipped with a fully enclosed ink quantity control device, through the signal on the scanning head scanning sample article can automatically adjust the ink fountain gap size. LCD touch screen control, etc are used widely in printing equipment. Automatic version of the electric drill has gradually become the standard configuration of the printer, the level is close to the advanced level of similar products abroad.
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