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In 2015 the central printing devices in analysis

by:Colorunion     2020-09-12
For a long time, the economic situation and policy direct influence on government procurement and procurement, let's analyze data mining centers in 2015 countries, 2015, 11 countries adopt center mass centralized purchasing, including a total of 22701 units, toner cartridge unit purchase amount to 4269. 60000, duplicator, a total of 1901 units, purchasing amount is 31. 07 million. unit involved eight brands, from the point of quantity, homebred brand to rush the drawing sets, up to 7425 units, according to the running of the figure of existing product line, the winning products are all low-end black-and-white laser selenium toner cartridge and all-in-one, followed by Fuji xerox, samsung, kyocera, lenovo, ricoh, HP and OKI the winning Numbers less than one thousand units, but the two brand completely monopolized the inkjet drums and high-price A3 color drum unit. Copier purchasing a total of 1901 units, involved six brands, Fuji xerox, ricoh, sinian, Toshiba, HP, konica minolta, Canon, samsung, kyocera, three brand not shortlisted. Copy machine types including A4 black and white photocopier, A3 copier black and white and color copier, the A3 black-and-white copiers purchase quantity is big, a total of 1470 units, the proportion is as high as 77. 3%. Analysis: when we see the central procurement drum unit after a more comprehensive consideration, such as the running of the selenium drum, the product has certain advantages, unit price and drum unit cost and A3 color drum unit, OKI products in red tape and other special application has a unique technical advantages, and field of inkjet cartridge again, HP commercial inkjet cartridge again with rich function and application of cost performance. In the field of copy machine, although still is given priority to with the Japanese brand, Fuji xerox the winning Numbers, and Fuji xerox product line covers as well as the product is closely integrated experience, and A4 copier, the author thinks that HP should make up a significant proportion of, so the central mining the usage and classification, according to the practical choice for each product type in the performance of the brand, to view the results, from the perspective of the media is also reasonable. In the future, government procurement and purchasing in printing equipment industry and the product line will be increasingly fierce competition, and the total cost of ownership, the equipment life cycle cost, drums and the maintenance cost is an important factor of consideration in purchasing. In addition, the product performance and application of matching degree will be an important factor in purchasing, from the 2015 data can reflect the epicenter in choosing brands and products of objectivity.
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