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In 2013 China's import tax exemption of printing and packaging machinery not fine-tuning

by:Colorunion     2020-09-04
【 Ppzhan abstract 】 The Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of Customs, state administration of taxation jointly issued recently in the duty-free imports of domestic investment projects not ( 2012) 》( Hereinafter referred to as the 'directory') , after the adjustment the new directory since January 1.

'directory' is the main basis of implementation of related import equipment duty-free policy. After the adjustment of the directory entry for a total of 944, the adjusting entries involved 454, accounts for about 48% of the total number of entries. Including 130 new, delete merger 11, ein adjusted 87, adjust the 62 device name, adjust 227 technical specification.

4 ministries in widely from various regions and departments, industries and enterprises on the basis of the opinions, according to the relevant domestic industries in recent years technology development level and the change of production capacity, the 'directory' was revised. The revision is mainly follow the following principles: one is to continue to support enterprises to introduce advanced technology and equipment are unable to be produced domestically, to promote industrial upgrading and technological progress; Second, under the same conditions for the enterprise to purchase domestic equipment to provide a fair and reasonable external environment, promote the healthy development of the equipment manufacturing industry; 3 it is effective for both upstream and downstream industries and equipment manufacturing and use of department requirements.

this 'to discuss' announced that will further enhance the tax revenue policy, commercial activities between policy and industrial policy coordination, promote the starting forward swing import support for debugging economic structure, promoting the company experienced growth for independent innovation, the transformation of the progress of the strategic emerging industry recently and industry to go up.

import tax on technical specifications of the facilities, the growth in recent years, the main domestic technology level to get leap development of the equipment, involving digital control machine tools, stamping facilities, electronic instrument, printing machinery, environmental protection machinery, food processing, smelting metal machinery, power generation and other industries.

the new entries mainly covers two local: one is after the special tax policy is restored under local major technical equipment, covering large track maintenance machinery, and natural gas pipeline facilities, etc. ; 2 it is domestic in recent years has produced production experience and technical performance has satisfied the domestic demand of facilities, and will in the short term domestic formed quite experienced facilities, covering the airport ground facilities, packaging machinery, Marine facilities, sun dry cell production facilities. At a little article facilities the target name and id number of the debugging, the main important items is to meet the demands of tax rules turn version, easy to administrative department, customs declaration company and pay the agents operating use.
'to discuss the announcement of the new is thoroughly implement the party's 18 large and when the year of the central economic work conference and exhibition was one of the specific actions. At the same time, can not satisfied with the local domestic demand's facilities to reduce the threshold of technical specifications, covering nuclear power facilities, passenger car production model, medical pharmaceutical production facilities, etc.
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