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HP2600 printer black print, normal color completely out, no error - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-07
Type a, HP2600 printers print is normal, black color can't completely, no error description:
phenomenon boot ready, print page offline diagnosis, black print is normal, color not completely, there is no error. Failure analysis: the laser machine after installation, the shutter is already open, so there is no shutter didn't open question. The four laser laser machine, through two sets of scan mirror finish exposure exposure ( BK. Y using a set of C. M using a set of) 。 If the scan mirror out of the question, there should be two colors at the same time out ( BK. M a or C. M not) , and will report to the police. The possibility of this situation is caused by laser scanning mirror is almost zero. Three cartridges at the same time, the possibility of a problem.
now can only be is a question of drum drive or developing roller drive.
motor, magnet, sensor position as shown in figure 5 - 51. Motor drive transfer belt and four photosensitive drum, M1 and black development through traction electromagnet SL3 control roller, through traction electromagnet SL2 control C. M。 Y three color development roller. Black normal heat transfer with no problem, the drum to rotate, black enhancement roller can roll. And color not, all is SL2 cannot absorb, make three color development roller can't turn, therefore appears the phenomenon above.

SR1— Paper registration sensor; SR2— For the carton paper sensor; SR3— Manual feed slot paper sensor; SR4— Fixing the paper paper sensor; SR5— Scheduled shadow paper sensor; SR8— Paper width sensor; SR9— Pressure sensor; M1— The main motor; M2— Fixing/motor out of paper; M3— Rub the paper motor; SL1 - For the carton paper electromagnet rub; SL2— MCY enhancement roller drive electromagnet; SL3 - BK enhancement roller drive electromagnet
said figure 5 - power transmission 51 motor, magnet, sensor location processing method: change the electromagnet SL2.
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