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- hp2550 printer supplies regeneration Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-07
Hp2550 type of printer, the drum unit and transfer printing belt as a whole, usually referred to as imaging component, also have called drums component, its appearance is shown in figure 7 1. It is mainly composed of drum core, transfer belt, cleaning roller, waste, waste powder powder storehouse of transmission mechanism and gear. It is the working principle of the powdered carbon adsorption on the photosensitive drum, put on the photosensitive drum toner image transfer to the transfer printing belt, transfer belt at once again the image transfer printing on print media. Transfer printing belt is white, be careful not to mistake the transfer printing belt when do card in one of the paper, which inadvertently damaged the transfer printing belt. Figure 7 -

1 drum component photosensitive drum on one side of the story
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