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Hp12a drums plus powder graphic _hp12a drum unit and powder _12a drums plus powder - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-06
Hp12a drum unit is currently one of the highest selling drums, here we are in a graphical way to introduce the whole process of hp12a drums plus powder.
first of all, we need to prepare tools include the plum blossom knife, knife, long trumpet a word change is small, plus powder tools such as forceps, small funnel, then placed hp12a drums from the printer that the light is not very strong, otherwise it will damage of drum drum core. Now we can start the following:
1. Remove two screws, and remove the protection cover, as shown in the figure below:

2. Remove the photosensitive drum; A best immediately with ordinary A4 paper ( Newspapers also go, don't let it long time exposure) , the diagram below:

3. Down the torsion spring, the diagram below:

4. See the middle root charging roller? Use tweezers carefully removed from the circle, as the chart

5. See the iron pin? Both sides have, down after charging roller, from the inside out, with a long screwdriver out iron pin with forceps, as shown in the figure below:

6. See have no? Down after iron pin, can be broken down into carbon powder warehouse and waste powder warehouse sections below

7. Protection cover down carbon powder storehouse of screw, remove the protection cover, as shown in the figure below.

8. Became so, remove the large plastic lid, new carbon powder from here put in, as shown in the figure below:

9. Attention back, inside the magnetic roller roller can be rotating, and require registration, the instructions are on a graph, and take a closer look at will understand, as shown in the figure below:

10. Open the drum protection cover, look carefully the following image.

11。 As shown in the figure below, down two screws of the scraper, and then remove the scraper, dump waste powder, and the same back.

12. Finally, put back iron pin, charging roller, photosensitive drum, then installed protective cover, hold back, need to pay attention to the following figure
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