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HP samsung drum unit business through acquisitions

by:Colorunion     2020-09-13
According to foreign media reports, the company by the shareholders' committee will be printed by the company business to HP's proposal. Previously, samsung intends to sell drums business to HP. The news, then caused the extensive concern of the industry. Subsequently, HP said in a statement to 10. 500 million dollars ( About 7. 1 billion yuan) Buy a samsung drum unit operations. According to local media reports, the samsung shareholders passed after the acquisition agreement, the company released the results in the third quarter of this year. , according to samsung in the third quarter earnings in the third quarter of 2016 of samsung's revenue decreased by 3. 87 trillion won ( 33. $800 million) Turnover of 47, at present the third quarter. 82 trillion won ( About 417. $700 million) 。 In the third quarter of the company's operating profit of 5. 2 trillion won ( About 45. $400 million) , reduced compared to the 2. 19 trillion won ( About 19. $100 million) 。 The company blamed a drop in the third quarter of the turnover on the computer and mobile communications group terminated the Galaxy Note 7 series production of mobile phone. Canon executive vice President and cfo's Toshizo Tanaka said that the current HP to samsung drum unit business ongoing acquisition will not have a huge impact on Canon of selenium toner cartridge business. HP and Canon is believed that the acquisition will not affect relations between the two companies cooperation in the field of laser selenium drum, at the same time the two sides also all can benefit from the purchase plan.
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