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HP firmware upgrade led to the drum unit does not work

by:Colorunion     2020-09-13
Learned that HP has nearly on the drum unit firmware upgrade, makes the general drum manufacturers drum unit cannot be used. Selenium drum merchants accused HP after upgraded the toner cartridge unit firmware, consumers within the toner cartridge unit general drum unit cannot be used. A general selenium drum, said: 'this is a robber. HP to launch or activate the new firmware, the normal use of this firmware is used to prevent general drum unit. 'Affected by the firmware update HP drum unit in the use of general drum unit will show similar to' one or more of the selenium drum missing or damaged 'or' ink system error 'message. Obviously the firmware upgrade is inside the drum set automatic update regularly, consumer cannot automatically update by closing to stop or reset the system upgrade. Another manufacturers also protest: 'HP's move is property infringement of consumer behavior, they should have to explain this behavior! 'There are manufacturers said:' I'd like to hear of HP for they destroy the consumers property will explain ( Firmware upgrade before it runs well) And how will make compensation. 'It is reported, the influence of the HP firmware upgrade drum unit including HP 934, 935, 950, 951, 970 and 971 general drum unit series.
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