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hp debuts world’s first toner tank

by:Colorunion     2020-10-15
HP first launched innovative and sustainable HP Neverstop Laser in emerging markets and launched the bestin-
Level ink tank experience: HP Smart tank ^ 1 highlights: oHP Neverstop laser printer is the first toner cartridge in the world, and the cost per page competes with imitation toner cartridge 3;
HP toner 4 °F eatures Toner saves up to 80% of the cost, available at 15-
Seconds-chaos and ease of HP Reload kit ^ 2-allows entrepreneurs to quickly get back to their business and print up to 10 times as many pages, A maximum of 5,000 pages are included in the box ^ 6 oHP smart tank with a new design that enhances the user experience of home and home offices
In May 30, 2019, Beijing, before the ink ran out, the first-class ink tank experience and printing quality was 38% faster than in previous generations. The integrated tank design with automatic ink sensor will remind you (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)--Today, HP Inc.
With the launch of two high-tech technologies, smart printing is continuing to revive
Capacity printer: HP Neverstop Laser designed for small business owners in emerging markets, and redesigned HP Smart water tanks for home use.
HP has undergone radical changes in tank technology, and HP predicts that by 2020, there will be 43 million small businesses in China, accounting for 60% of GDP.
HPNeverstop laser is a new fast
Reload the laser printer so that entrepreneurs no longer waste time on interruptions. With afirst-of-its-
HP Neverstop Laser provides a toner supply system that allows users to replace toner in seconds, ensuring that small business owners can maintain business processes while maximizing value from printersWatch how.
\"A recent HP global study found that nearly 70% of Chinese small business owners said their businesses could not operate without printers . \" Global head and general manager of HP home printing solutions.
\"With breakthrough innovation, mobile applications and digital integration, HP Neverstop laser reduces common print interruptions, providing entrepreneurs with a competitive edge to turn their passion into a frugal business.
\"Considering the sustainability design-the HP Neverstop Laser is made of recycled plastic weighing more than 25%, while the toner reload kit is made of 75% recycled plastic weighing 12.
Main features include: uninterrupted oUp to 5,000 pages, up to 5,000 pages printed out of the box, with almost no interruption-
Perfect High
Mass printing oReload Club,
The revolutionary supply system allows you to be in 15-
Second 2, will not make a mess of the original HP quality, nor will it bring incredible savings. Get original HP quality print at cost per page, compete with imitation cartridge 3, HP original toner oConnected and save up to 80% on mobile devices, via best-in-
HP Smart app ^ 13HP has launched the new HP Smart TankAlso, and today is the re-invented HP Smart Tank, which is the best
Experience level 1 inktank.
Designed for users with busy print requirements in home and home offices, HP Smart Tank has pioneered a new era of ink Tank technology delivery time --
Save tools and excellent print quality in similar products.
The 7 key features of the HP Smart Tank 500/600 series include: oReliable, high-
Fast print up to 38% with dual band Wi-, faster connectionFi oTime-
Save intuition integrated tank design with automatic ink sensor remind you before ink runs out, eliminate steps in repetitive tasks, mobile scanning and printing of HP Smart app on your mobile phone or printer with HP Smart task oConnected and mobile is now integrated with WeChat in China, allows users to print sharp and vibrant graphics directly from WeChat in the dark print c reate professional borderless oBorderless color page brochure and photo box ^ monthly print 6,000 black or color inner page 8,000 right out of the box, almost no interruption-
Perfect High
For more information about HP Neverstop Laser and HP Smart Tank, see here.
AvailabilityHP Neverstop laser will be launched in China for the first time;
India and some countries were at sea during the summer of 2019;
Russia and selected countries in CEMA in July 2019;
LAR, August 2019.
The new HP Smart tank will be launched in June for the first time in all emerging market countries except India in the Asia-Pacific region, and India will be listed in July.
APJ developed markets, EMEA Emerging Markets and LARcountries were also listed in July.
Get more information about country/region availability, pricing, and retail destinations by contacting your local HP communications contact. About HPHP Inc.
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The best in 1-
First-class ink tank experience: the best
First class ink tanks are experienced compared to most leading non-ink tanks
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