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HP $55 billion copy machine market

by:Colorunion     2020-09-13
Recently, held in Boston HP partner meeting. Conference, HP issued a series of A3 digital composite machine and services, is expected to bring to market capitalisation of $55 billion, the copy machine market changes. It is understood that the launch of the A3 HP digital composite machine series products including paragraphs 3 PageWide digital composite machine and 13 LaserJet digital composite machine, a total of 54 product number ( sku) 。 HP PageWide Enterprise and Pro digital composite machine brought a cost-effective color printing experience, as well as similar laser printing products in higher printing speed and lower power consumption. HP PageWide platform of simple architecture more help to reduce the service cost of channel partners. HP LaserJet Managed multi-functional digital composite machine series, both color and black and white two kinds of print mode. HP also launched a new HP smart equipment service. The service is a set of tools and based on the sensing equipment, cloud computing can monitor, diagnose and solve many of the products and services needs, to large extent reduce downtime and cost; In addition, the service is also covered in 2012 and later introduced FutureSmart HP toner cartridge and digital composite machine, including the new A3 PageWide and LaserJet product. The new HP PageWide and support HP LaserJet product security services, and can be used with JetAdvantage series management and security software, including new JetAdvantage cloud platform on Demand, so as to reduce the burden of cooperation, maintain and manage these products. At the conference, as a part of corporate strategy, HP also launched a aims to help partners by using HP A3 digital composite machine series products for the plan of business success, conform to the requirements of the partners will be provided for HP pricing, sales support tools and services, etc.
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