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How to test drum unit color accuracy

by:Colorunion     2020-09-16
How to test the color accuracy of drum unit, the method to test the drum unit color error actually, is directly using the toner cartridge unit under test to print all kinds of color ( Especially the green, red, yellow and black four colors) And then will print effect compared with the standard color. Therefore, when we test toner cartridge unit color accuracy, conditional user can buy special standard color plate, and then through Photoshop software copy and print out a standard color board, then we compare counterfeits and authentic, and to distinguish the color of the drum error conditions. However, if you don't want to use standard color board contrast color error of selenium drum, also can use the following techniques for testing. Discolouration of the standard color plate first, use Photoshop tools to make with a strip of all base colors, then use the drum unit under test strip printed, will strip printed with printed strip pictures after comparison made with Photoshop before long, thus the drum unit color error analysis. If you want to further know the specific color error values, can again use the scanner will be printed strip images scanned into the computer, and then in the 'information' window of Photoshop, contrast different color area specific numerical difference. , of course, because the scanner will be affected by color accuracy, input computer photos again also may further error, but usually the scanner to colorific judgment accuracy is far higher than that of selenium drum, so scan again to the inside of the computer photos is credible.
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