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How to solve the drum paper

by:Colorunion     2020-09-17
Drums in more and more market share, also became the office favorite of many users, the problems facing the lovely office darling, really don't know what to do, and couldn't find the reason, even a simple paper jam problem all don't know how to deal with, at present this kind of situation, the writer give you prepared some drums everyday use skills, for your reference, hope to help everyone's daily work. unit in the process of frequent use, often appear unable to deal with paper failure, mostly clip paper, not into the paper, a wandering into multiple pages and paper. How to deal with after these problems? 1, the printing paper surface is flat and level. If appear the phenomenon of selenium drum paper, should first look at the paper surface is smooth, if there is a paper curl or fold phenomenon, switch to a smooth, bright and clean surface of paper, typed and ensure that the surface can't have attachments such as glues. 2, printing paper is too thin or too much. More than 60 grams must ensure that the quality of printing paper, printing paper is too thin will cause drums walking paper difficult, easy to cause drum paper clip. And a typed load can't be too thick. 3, take the paper roll wear. Take the paper roll is part of the drum unit is easy to wear. When the normal paper within sheng paper plates, but not take paper, take paper roll wear is often loose or spring. Pressure is not enough, not put paper into the machine. Take paper roll wear and slow to change, available winding rubber band method for emergency treatment. After winding rubber band, increases the friction, rolling paper can make feed back to normal. In addition, I wonder if you have such a situation, it is through the software, after sending the print command to selenium drum, drum unit without any response. So if we really in practice as in this situation, how to solve? First check the toner cartridge unit is currently has been set to 'on hold', print if it is, no matter how to send print command to the selenium drum, drum unit will not accept the print command, to make drum unit can accept user's response, can be cancelled 'on hold' the print Settings, to cancel the setup, you can open the first drum unit operation window, then right-click the current program icon of drum unit installed in the system, from the shortcut menu, you can see 'on hold' command to print item there is a tick in front, just to use the mouse to click the command options, can cancel 'on hold' the print Settings.
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