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How to set up the Canon copier IP address

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09
First of all, to the copy machine on the operation panel, we use the Canon 2420 l copy machine as an example, according to the 'additional features' button, select 'system Settings', click OK, and then look at the following: 1 using [ ∧) Or [ ∨) , select & lt; Network Settings & gt; , click OK; 2 use [ ∧) Or [ ∨) , select & lt; TCP/IP Settings & gt; , click OK; 3 use [ ∧) Or [ ∨) , select & lt; IPV4 setting & gt; , click OK; 4 use [ ∧) Or [ ∨) , select & lt; The IP address Settings & gt; , click OK; 5 to set the IP address for the machine, use [ ∧) Or [ ∨) , select & lt; Automatically obtain IP address & gt; , click OK; 6. Use [ ∧) Or [ ∨) , select & lt; DHCP> & lt; BOOTP> & lt; RARP> , click OK; 7 use [ ∧) Or [ ∨) , select & lt; Open & gt; , click OK; Set up is completed, click 'previous step' to return to the IP address Settings menu 8 annotation: even as [ DHCP] , ( BOOTP] , ( -) Choose open, should also enter the IP address, subnet mask and gateway address, if not from [ DHCP] , ( BOOTP] , ( -) Server information, this step input Settings will be used; If from [ DHCP] , ( BOOTP] , ( -) Set to restart the machine, after the completion of the & quot; TCP/IP Settings & quot; The menu will be displayed from the DHCP, the bootp. Rarp server to obtain IP address Settings, if had already set the IP address, host name or domain name, is from the DHCP, the BOOTP, rarp will override the setting value obtained these values; There is no DNS dynamic update function if you use DHCP, is recommended to always specify the same IP address, ( If the IP address is different, the host name of the machine with the IP address) ; It will take about two minutes to check the DHCP, the BOOTP, RARP service is available, if you don't plan to use any of these Settings Settings, suggest to shut it down. 9 if you want to manually specify a fixed IP address for the machine, as shown in the following 10 use [ ∧) Or [ ∨) , select & lt; IP address & gt; , click OK; Use 0 to 11 9 the number keys to enter the IP address, click OK; Use a scale of 0-12 9 numeric key enter the subnet mask, click OK; Using a 0-13 9 number keys enter gateway address, click OK; 14 press reset button to return to standby mode, and then restart the machine Settings to take effect ( Wait at least 10 seconds to open after shut down. ) To view the unit overview of network Settings, follow these steps. ( Note that after the restart, the machine from the operation panel Settings will only take effect) Press [ System monitor] , 'check the system status' menu; 15 use [ ∧) Or [ ∨) , select & lt; Network information & gt; , click OK; 16 use [ ∧) Or [ ∨) , select & lt; IPV4> Menu, click OK; According to IPV4 information using [17 ∧) Or [ ∨) In order to check the Settings to choose & lt; IP address & gt; & lt; Subnet mask & gt; & lt; The gateway address & gt; & lt; The host name & gt; Or & lt; Domain name & gt; , press OK, according to choose the network Settings, to return to IPV4 menu, press OK or 'step'. Now take a look at drum unit method on how to use the computer network, first of all, please ensure that the relevant driver has been properly installed on a computer, then click 'start' - — 'Settings' - — 'Drums and fax', find drum unit has been installed, click the 'drum unit properties', click 'ports' TAB, display Port page: click the 'add Port' open drum Port dialog box: select from the available Port type 'Standard TCP/IP Port', click the new Port, click 'next', in 'drums name or IP address', enter the toner cartridge unit IP address or hostname, click next step: in computer has confirmed that there is a drum and input the assigns IP addresses, appear 'add Standard TCP/IP is completing drums Port wizard' window, click finish. At this point, the network of selenium drum set is complete, you can print test page view.
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