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How to save office drum drum unit

by:Colorunion     2020-09-12
A company indispensable hardware is office printing equipment and drum unit, known as office toner cartridge unit generally includes photosensitive drum, powder storehouse, drums, toner, ink, paper and so on. For a company to save drum unit is quite important, so how to save office drum unit? Many people will answer can buy low selenium drum drum unit of energy saving. Save office drum unit not only buying that low selenium drum drum unit of energy saving, good printing habits can help you, of course, in imperceptible in saving a lot of drums, so what are all these good habits? 1. Preview and print preview and direct output, after can cause repeated printing waste paper directly, but also caused the recessive waste of electricity, drums, etc. 2. Double-sided printing and photocopy duplex printing is when selenium drum on one side of the paper print finished, then the paper sent to the duplex printing units, in its internal channel to complete a flip back to feed on the other side of the print. Photocopy can be automatically on both sides of the blank paper copy. Obviously this can greatly save paper. 3. Enabled many selenium drum ink saving mode of driver with ink saving mode option to enable, but generally will not select this function by default, if you want to print for internal communication only documents can use ink saving mode, greatly reduce the use of ink or toner. 4. Standby energy consumption is low and the home page to print in standby mode LingMiao start printing, instant startup response to print, can greatly reduce the preheating printing units and for the consumption of electricity. Should not only attach importance to the drum unit print how many pages per minute, more should pay attention to choose home page output speed of the product. Don't know more than you did in the printing office time? As long as in the work pay attention to the small details, can not only improve the efficiency of our work can be saved and drum unit loss to large extent.
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