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How to remove excess carbon powder when the drums plus powder

by:Colorunion     2020-09-10
Drums can use drums printed things more clear, is one of the essential components, add powder to drum drum manufacturers remind in the process of points should be timely clean up excess carbon powder.

drum unit should be a standard way of photosensitive drum, at the same time, it is important to note though commonly known as selenium drum, but in fact there's little selenium in selenium drum or only contain trace amounts of selenium. To know selenium is more precious than gold, if really was mostly selenium, and who use up! The name drums, is at the beginning when just was born, have used inorganic materials - Selenium materials to make a photosensitive drum. Through selenium steamed degrees on the toner cartridge base, made of photosensitive drum. And after the 80 s, the drum has been using organic photoconductive materials to make, namely so cheap, pollution is small. But because everybody have become accustomed to, because this is called the photosensitive drum 'drum'. unit USES is very wide, you need to use in the laser selenium drum, photocopiers and fax machines.

clean the residual carbon powder, and a lot of drums when replacement is not actually the carbon powder completely exhausted, the waste powder compact or carbon tend to leave some toner cartridges, if not be cleared, adding carbon powder and the original carbon powder is likely due to incompatible block solid formation, so must first before adding carbon powder will clean up the original toner. Clean up, the first pour clean waste cartridges cartridges and carbon carbon powder, and then use the brush gently remove residual carbon on the edge of the toner cartridges. Brush can clean up the place with the tiger skin or hair dryer clean waste toner. Use hair dryer dry carbon at the bottom of the waste toner cartridges, there will be a lot of carbon powder dust fly out, in order not to contaminate other equipment, the operation should be carried out in outdoor.
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