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How to prolong the life of laser selenium drum

by:Colorunion     2020-09-17
How to prolong the life of laser selenium drum, from the function of the laser selenium drum structure to differentiate, can be divided into print engine and the controller. Under the control of the print engine controller in printing will receive the print content of transfer printing on printing paper, today let's let drums manufacturers under the guidance of technical analysis for us. Print engine is the core of the laser selenium drum, the toner cartridge unit is also a important components of the laser selenium drum, its quality is good or bad to a certain extent determines the print quality, service life and printing costs. In other words, a laser drums of quality, cost, the whole life, is depends on the drums. Users are now buying laser toner cartridge unit is not only ask the price of the machine, also pay attention to a single page printing costs, the cost of this major is closely related to the drum unit. Because, close to more than 70% of imaging parts are concentrated inside the drum unit, it not only determines the single-page printing costs, but also has a direct effect on print quality. Drums belong to the drum unit consumables, when using need to be replaced after a period of time, there are a lot of enterprises in order to saving the cost of office, will be the drum filling carbon powder, therefore, the life of the drum, the longer means that a single page to print cost is lower. Now the market competition is intense, laser selenium drum manufacturers focus on print quality, cost, has been consistently seek breakthrough, hope to be able to let the drum unit longer life. From the institutions to the drum unit, basically have one-piece and drum powder separated type two kinds. The difference between the one-piece and drum powder and separated, is able to separate the photoconductive drum, and one-piece can't. When carbon powder used, users only need to replace the corresponding ink cartridges, so use the one-piece drum unit cost is higher, and the powder separate drum drum unit has higher cost performance. In general drum unit is composed of aluminum tube and photographic materials, in addition to the drum powder separation technology, has adopted the technology of super long life of drums. With long life technology of drum unit consists of five layers material synthesis, and ordinary drum unit is only layer. General layer is aluminum tube, the second layer is the insulation layer, the third is the photosensitive layer, the fourth floor is a protective layer, the fifth layer is the second protective layer. At the back of the fourth and fifth layer is used to protect sensitive layer, the two layers of protective coating technology is unique to the long life of drums, the drums very long life. The use of long life drum unit to guarantee the mechanical part of laser selenium toner cartridge, make the life of the equipment more long, can make the laser selenium drum one or two times lifespan.
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