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How to prevent selenium drum ink not free

by:Colorunion     2020-09-15
unit will often appear some fault needs us to deal with. Such as poor selenium drum ink is a common fault. After-sales department often poor selenium drum drum unit of the customer, in fact as long as you pay more attention to point to maintain at ordinary times, can reduce the drum drum unit failure, so poor selenium drum ink is due to what reason? We'll look at poor selenium drum ink? Below we how to prevent it. , due to original selenium drum ink out of the drum unit, ink not free: selenium drum drum unit air and outside air into the nozzle duct will dry ink evaporation in the pipeline, causing most of nozzle pipe plug. To treat this kind of failure we can replace the original drum unit try whether can be solved. Second, due to drum unit long-term idle poor selenium drum ink: drums of the print head, drums on the drum unit but haven't used; unit idle time is too long; Drums of the print head, drums have been discharged by the requirement but can't use after installed. First of all we can to washing drum unit can then try to solve problems; Unload the print head with drums and buckle on protection. Also need to pay attention to not let the print head ink dries up. Third, due to toner cartridge filling is not original ink poor selenium drum ink: may arise if not original ink cartridge again soon out of ink, or frequent jam, and so on and so forth. Note here is good to use good quality ink, ink don't penny wise and pound foolish.
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