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How to make your selenium drum ink cost reduction

by:Colorunion     2020-09-09
No matter as a business user or ordinary household consumers, in everyday use, you may not realize this, but in the case of unknown selenium drum ink waste your usage cost, also gradually become the current drum unit subsequent cost one of the most expensive drum unit. In today's article, the author will also come with you to analyze, what situation in your gratuitous waste of the ink, have what kind of method can effectively reduce the unnecessary cost.

in fact, an ounce of selenium toner cartridge ink, the cost of it may be more than the price of fine champagne, many professional testers report in the near future, when complained that they disappear without reason of selenium drum ink for no reason, there are even used 2 - only Three drum unit, only to find that in the next few months, a complete set of the ink is wasted clean, they go to which, has to do with?

cleaning the print head

a lot of friends all know that selenium drum need to clean the print head, to ensure the drum unit in use after a period of time to work properly, inkjet cartridge again nozzle orifice is the most easy to long for printing or long-term ashore and congestion. In addition, if use the poor quality of the drum unit carelessly, can also cause nozzle clogging. In cleaning the print head, causing a lot of ink waste is inevitable, but users also need to understand a bit, print the frequency is high, is not equal to high frequency of cleaning, the author also simply summarized the thermal sublimation technology and micro piezo technology of two kinds of different working mode of selenium drum causes of nozzle clogging and provide reference for the reader beware.

hot foaming inkjet technology: Canon, HP related models,

hot foam will be hidden inside the drum drum unit using the heat of dye transfer printing on the ribbon to the print media, and can be regulated by the semiconductor heating element of different temperature to control the color shade and the proportion of the degree. But also due to the limitation of temperature, thermal sublimation drum unit under continuous operation, easily cause nozzle clogging, high temperature makes the ink from the nozzle, causing unnecessary cleaning work. Most thermal sublimation technology application on the Canon and HP drum unit.

at this point, the author also recommend the use of thermal foaming printing user, at work, don't continuous high burden homework, run 30 - printing After 50 pages, rest for a period of time continue to print can effectively avoid overheating nozzle, thus reducing cleaning work.

micro piezoelectric inkjet technology: epson, brother related models

micro piezoelectric inkjet technology nozzle drops, the print head in the word car rail lateral movement in mobile, paper feed mechanism to drive the print medium of longitudinal motion, these three movement to cooperate, make on the print medium generated is made up of drops of discrete figure, under the observation of human eyes, has become a beautiful, delicate images or text.

and micro piezoelectric technology and thermal foaming technology are very different, the effective method to prevent the nozzle blocking used to decrease the dry environment, at the same time reduce the shutdown, don't even turn it off.

professionals have set up a special test, for a complete ink can how many percentage is fully used in the paper. Tests or 30 pages to print text color pattern, the discontinuity in three weeks time for printing test. Found in testing is completed, the drum will appear different degree of different brand ink wastage, the test is the premise of periodic printing in three weeks, actually such frequency and frequency difference is not too much small business company.

printing ink in the most severe cases, the waste can reach more than 700 yuan a year, so the proportion of even more than the proportion of our daily use real ink, finally really a set of ink used to print the proportion of even less than half of the waste.

test data also showed that most of the brands of drum unit maintenance ink waste problem still need to improve, so as the user, if improve our habits, and reduce some unnecessary operation habit can effectively improve our waste of ink, cleaning nozzle became our main interpretation problems today.

we also put forward some suggestion for everybody in the final sex advice, if you have never attention, so perhaps later these aspects should be improved:

1: according to thermal foaming and micro piezoelectric technology of different drums for maintenance, reduce nozzle clogging.

2: nozzle clogging is not equal to the frequency, but the nozzle cleaning will accelerate consume your ink consumption.

3: even without use requirements, try to keep a day to print a, to keep the normal work of the drum unit.

4: reduce large-format printing standard sample images, if necessary requirement, can choose to print draft style sample pictures.

5: try not to shut down, if 1 - Within 2 months no printing requirements, our drum unit also can be on standby, complete machine internal circulation within the clean will not consume the ink.
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