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How to maintain color copier photosensitive drum

by:Colorunion     2020-09-16
Color copy in use after a period of time, some accessories and drum unit has some problem, like a color copier will during the life of the photosensitive toner cartridge with scraper friction and slowly is damaged, appear this kind of problem? Let below small make up and you look at the color copier drum core wear what to do. Digital copier will during the life of the photosensitive drum with scraper friction and make the photosensitive layer was gradually damaged, rubbed repeatedly with a photosensitive toner cartridge polishing cleaner 3 - photosensitive drum surface 4 times, Don't let the drum surface with cleaner) And then back to the drum rack can be used, by this method can be lubricated photosensitive drum, to reduce the scraper and the photosensitive drum friction, prolong the service life of the drum. Digital copier photosensitive drum after using some time will copy the effect is not clear, this is the drum substrate have been gradually damaged, repeat method is to use a photosensitive drum polishing cleaner inunction photosensitive drum surface 3 - over and over again 4 times ( Don't let the toner cartridge surface with cleaner) And then back to the drum rack can be used) 。 Professional and technical master remind you, drum core, attention should be paid to the following matters: (scraper replacement 1) Bought the new OPC drum core is coated with black paper, should be opened when you pick up the drum labeling, open the black paper and then remove the drum, please do not take out drum directly from the black paper, so as not to scratch raised; ( 2) In the process of the drum, drum, light with light, do not make the foreign body touch or not directly with the hand touch the surface of the OPC drum; ( 3) Installing a drum core, scraper, scraper on coated with just the right amount of toner, drum core turning a week in the correct direction, help prevent raised scratches.
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