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How to improve the paper the problem of skew inkjet cartridge again go

by:Colorunion     2020-09-16
Using inkjet cartridge again into the paper often appear problem, so cause drums into the paper what is the cause of the problem? Specializing in the production of selenium drum, photocopiers, machine and other office today the toner cartridge drum manufacturers are drums manufacturers to introduce the problem of how to improve the drum unit feed paper go askew, hope everybody helps. The common cause of paper feed skewed has the following four types: 1. unit into a paper plane into foreign body. unit will go into paper, paper, foreign body from these channels in order to easily fall into the inside of the drum unit. 2. Printing paper paper is bad. Some of printing paper was of poor quality, poor plus some users in the use of the environment. unit used after period of time, rub the paper round surface paper scraps and dust, reduce rolling paper strength, caused by sliding, not feed or feed the phenomenon of tilt. 3. Two rounds into the paper frame drum unit when one of them is to rub the paper round a fixed frame structure is loose, the wheel feed function is lost, in the paper is not straight. 4. unit into the paper shelf paper edge too far away from the activities of the block board, making paper swinging amplitude increases.
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