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How to identify the stand or fall of carbon powder

by:Colorunion     2020-09-18
Carbon powder looks simple, but decided to his good and bad factors are many, mainly, there are six: black, bottom ash, carbon powder rate, resolution, fixed on degree, ghost. These factors influence each other, related, be short of one cannot. Below about how to identify the stand or fall of carbon powder, and the relationship between the factors and action. A, black black degrees value calculation is blackness tester to launch a number of strong beam, beam to graphics under test, and then reflected back to blackness value tester, calculating the beam of light is absorbed, and through a fixed value calculation program. Laser selenium drum main design purpose is used in the office, so its OEM average blackness value in 1. About 48. And in my home some type of toner cartridge unit, used for film or vegetable parchment printing media, such as the print medium fiber with special chemical treatment, relatively common printing paper, resin in the carbon powder is more difficult to melt infiltration to the paper fiber, so high to the requirement of carbon powder. We usually have a habit that print on the black powdered carbon, the better. But sometimes the carbon powder, other factors may also cause this illusion, such as fixed on degree of carbon powder is poorer, only adsorbed on the surface of paper and not fully penetrating into the paper fibers, when most of the accumulation of carbon particles on the surface of the paper in the paper surface, for the light absorption rate is very high, feeling giving a person is very black, which is why some users said print proof need not see, touch the can know the reason why the black is not black. But, in fact, this kind of the carbon powder has high melting point, print the words is not strong, is not a good carbon powder. Blackness values on the high side, of course, also has its negative effects, is a certain amount of carbon powder, under a certain average coverage, the printed page relative to reduce. 2, bottom ash, bottom ash value is to use no words in black for tester to test print proof of the blackness of space value. It also has relations with the degree of the white paper, namely the same kind of carbon powder in the bottom ash on the different printing paper value does not necessarily the same. In general, OEM toner bottom ash value is about 0. 05 ~ 0. 06, greater than zero. 06, visual results will feel print proof is a little dirty. The reason of effect of bottom ash value and conducting properties of carbon powder ( Electrical) And the size of the toner particles. The stronger the conductivity, produce the bottom ash particles more fine more easily. Each type of toner cartridge unit for carbon powder electrical generally is not the same, this is also our emphasis on specialized powder for one reason. In addition, because of the sensitive layer on the surface of the photosensitive drum damage caused by leakage, can also cause bottom ash, which can also explain when photosensitive layer is worn, print the page in the affected area have obvious black mark. Three, waste powder rate of waste powder rate refers to a certain amount of carbon powder in normal printing of waste powder proportion. Carbon powder production, the ingredients in a certain proportion to join together, and fully stirring, the corresponding processing, regrinding. In the process, does not guarantee that the thickness of each carbon powder particles as well as its main ingredients of carbon powder, iron powder, resin proportion is the same, only is in the range of certain proportion. Beyond this range, the carbon powder particles can become waste powder. Waste toner powder rate is between 5% ~ 7% belong to the normal range. Also directly affect the amount of waste powder rate of carbon powder printed pages. Four, fixed on fixed on degrees is attached on the surface of the paper, after toner fusion penetration to the paper fiber. Melting point is the influence of carbon powder on the degree of an important factor. High melting point, when the paper containing carbon powder particles after fixing component, failed to fully melting penetration to the paper fiber, has been through from the fixing component. But the melting point is too low, the stability of the carbon powder will become very poor. We can test by hand touch the surface of the printed graphics, to feel the roughness, and obtain the fixed on by degree of good and bad. In general, the degree of low carbon powder, the printing surface of the text can be very rough. Strict test, can use a specific tape to stick to print graphics, again off the blackness of change detection graphics. The formation of the five, ghost, ghost because text graphics ranging form of a charge on the surface of the photosensitive area after completing a imaging, still can cause a latent image residual charge area, so that the next time the imaging, the latent image is still visible. Toner electrical directly affect the ghost phenomenon of obvious or not. Ghost phenomenon similar to the phenomenon of ghosting, but it is different from the ghosting. Ghosting phenomenon is commonly caused by machine fault phenomena, such as fixing component on the roller fluoride layer destruction, cause the glue powder, resulting in double. In addition, print media will also affect the ghost phenomenon, like vegetable parchment easier than ordinary printing paper to appear ghost phenomenon, just print paper may also be typed than unused prone to ghost phenomenon. Six, the resolution of the resolution refers to the point that can print on the per inch ( DPI) 。 Thickness will directly affect the resolution of the toner particles. We can print some more small strokes to visual is fuzzy, to determine its high resolution and low. Also can look for the line have burrs, Chinese characters are broken at the corner Angle, and estimate whether there is the phenomenon such as hollow breezing. Currently, the main toner resolution 300 dpi, 600 dpi, 1200 dip. 1200 dpi resolution on the HP1200, HP4100 models toner cartridge unit requirement for carbon powder is high.
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