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How to identify compatible ink is good or bad

by:Colorunion     2020-09-17
Relative to the toner cartridge drum unit such as wholesale, with much more fast and changing the drum unit wholesale must belong to inkjet selenium drum ink, in general, most people will be every two months in a drum. However, you may not know, now available for inkjet cartridge again use the ink has more than 100 kinds. And even if you only use a certain kind of drum unit, there may be three or four or more of the ink to choose from. The importance of a, how to choose and buy ink cannot be ignored, because once the wrong or buy fake, the damage to the drum unit is not small. Severe selenium drum ink will make you head congestion, make the toner cartridge unit of partial color, picture or even print out a certain color. Therefore, to see clear when buy ink model. Most manufacturers such as EPSON, HP, Canon and Lexmark will in their print Ming drums can be used to model the ink box, so might as well look carefully when the choose and buy. Because nowadays most of drum unit has a variety of ink to choose from, when buying a good think about what you usually want to print documents, if it is photos, should choose photo ink. The difference between the two, photo ink and ordinary ink if your drums age less than 1 year, when buying a ink will probably have more trouble than others. Because in addition to the ordinary color ink, you may also meet special photo ink and fluorescent ink. Some drums products, can even let you separate to buy different colors of ink, such as Canon BJC8200 will have 6 different color ink to choose from, and BJCS4500 ink collocation is more complex. If you often print black and white file, or to print the powerpoint images, then the normal color ink and black ink may be more suitable for you. Because most of the photos are composed of 4 kinds of color ink, so when the black font, out of the black ink will automatically use several colors together, was better than single black ink print. Third, the combination ink can be used? Of course, the answer is yes. At home, for different brand drums development compatible ink manufacturer very much, but the quality is uneven, so when the choose and buy to keep an eye. Here there is a small test can help you to easily identify compatible ink quality: 1, with a match stick after soaking in compatible ink, uninterrupted line on the paper, cross the line of the fine, no break line, the deeper the color the better compatible ink quality. 2, adopt the method of actual printing inspection, quality stand or fall of compatible ink for direct practical inspection, sex can be found on the high. After drums add ink, inkjet cleaning self-checking print is normal ( If one is not through the introspection, will immediately change the ink) , and then use Word for typesetting, set the font for the no. 7 and 5, the background and network. With LQ model/HQ after printing method for printing on the paper test, if there is no obvious lack of pen broken problem, these belong to high quality ink, ink can be used.
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