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How to distinguish true and false drums true or false

by:Colorunion     2020-09-14
Currently on the market for user to replace the drum unit mainly has the following kinds: original drum unit, general drum unit ( Also known as compatible drums) , filling selenium drum, but everybody can see, when buy the three drum unit sales business is a good, each said all boast the advantages of this kind of product, make many friends to choose can't start. And some of the drums drum unit of full of beautiful things in eyes, mixed numerous, it is difficult to identify no doubts. This brings us to the topic for discussion today: whether you choose or how to select drum unit is the wise? How to distinguish true and false? Basically, true and false drum unit of choose and buy when the identification method for each brand are the same. Can say toner cartridge unit of choose and buy is in fact the process of the true and false drum unit process, because the original drum unit price is expensive, a huge profits for fraudulent traders exist, so some unscrupulous traders will recycle old drums with charcoal powder in original factory packing is almost the same with the price of the sale, after making a profit. Charcoal powder quality of these products is not high usually exist print quality is poor, easy to overlap JiMo inside the drum unit, adverse effects on the photosensitive drum and the drum unit. Whenever you get a drum unit products. First of all should observe its outer packing. You will find that the original drum unit general beautifully printed packaging, color bright, the serial number on the reverse of the use of special printing technology, and look closely, the background of the serial number there will be a rectangle of offset printing box, and the serial number of the fake products, there is no trace of the offset printing, and general color gray, counterfeit products printing image fuzzy, rough quality, and quality goods packaging printing there is a big gap. The next is observed drums of the inner packing. General drum unit of the inner packing is black or silver electrostatic bag. Original products electrostatic bag thick but not crisp texture, smooth surface is clean, not hair dirty, two neat pincer-like device packaging and continuous, renew no seal, seal or the seal on both sides of different size like now. And fake drum electrostatic bag quality, and the thin and fragile, the packing surface less smooth level off, some will be rubbing or unclean imprinting, many fake products in many problems of seal, seal. Next, when we are apart electrostatic bag to get the toner cartridge unit products, the original drum unit in the obvious place commonly labeled product name label, and affix the words are clear, uniform color, uniform. And drum unit on both sides of the pin and screw and drum unit combination is very tight, no trace of broken or twist. The color of the original drum unit of the photosensitive drum is usually dark blue or light brown, and the surface smooth degree is extremely high, will not have any scratches, white gear place finish without stain. But not for fake drum unit said earlier product label or labeling but blur, color is not uniform, and counterfeit drums at the collapse of the screw, generally there are no signs of paint sealant. On either side of the drum pins have been broken open a trace, or twist than the surface of the drum roll has a small black stripes. And photosensitive drum rough surface is not smooth, there are minor scratches, and gear have obvious machine card imprinting. These features are for to fill carbon powder false drum unit. Readers in the choose and buy when, as long as careful observation is able to distinguish the difference between true drums with false drum unit. In addition to discern between true and false by the appearance of 'observation' drum unit, also can be directly printing effect to distinguish true and false toner cartridge unit, then take the original drum is good a sample of the output effect comparison. True and false of the drum unit printing effect far, together will form bright contrast, under normal working condition, original drum printed text line is clear, if the color is the color good resilience, full bright image. And counterfeit products will find line break in print, and color restore ability is insufficient, when printing a large number of text hyphenation etc. Like now. Have a look and try after selective, believe to avoid buy fake drum unit is not easy, at the same time remind users: good when buying drum unit to the manufacturer designated dealers to buy, after all in the office products, manufacturers have a thorough knowledge of the own brand image or value, its dealers also will not come to a few false drum unit high profits SINS against his own supplier. Above is true and false drum unit of choose and buy when we identification for each brand, also can distinguish true and false drum unit, true and false is simple and direct way to hope to help everyone.
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