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How to deal with the pin type drum print head is broken needle

by:Colorunion     2020-09-15
Pin type drum unit fault reason: the print head is broken needle, print A strength, perform A large, is the main cause of the breakage. B, the print head smudgy, due to long-term use, the print head cross the needle plate formed accumulation between ink and paper scraps dirt, make it out of the needle, printing needles that are easily snapped off. Breakage caused by C, ribbon, the use of the original ribbon or ribbon to use time is too long, make the organization of the ribbon, when playing on the ribbon easy to print needle and the wind tore off. D, coil short circuit: eliminate the quality problem of the coil itself, the main board of the needle drive pipe is also a main reason, such as the needle damage drivers, also after in the coil to replace corresponding needle drive pipe. E, thermistor: thermistor damage is very little, the performance of fault is like the print head overheating out of condition. Maintenance method: as the print principle of toner cartridge unit is formed by multiple print needle struck ribbon lattice to form a character/Chinese characters. If the print head is broken needle, it will appear printed characters/less Chinese character shortcomings. LQ - is introduced here 1600K/ LQ- 1900 k toner cartridge unit models in needle methods: 1) Structure: LQ - With LQ - 1600 k 1900 k print head are double needle arrangement structure, long, short two specifications, the needle points each l2 root. 2) 24 needle points: the print head parity double row. The long needle is: 2,6,10,14,18,22,3,7,11, l 5,19,23; Short needle is: 4 Sherwin, 6,20,24 l, l, 5, 9, l3. First check out with the print head fault test procedure which a few needles fails, then remove the foil box, opened the print head locking clip, hold the print head heat sink (from both sides The shell) To lift the print head can see attached to two of the flexible flat cable, pull cable can take out the print head. Swab with alcohol cotton ball to print the stain on the surface of the entered, check whether there is a lack of needles. If the broken needle, you need to change needle. Tools should be prepared in the needle, tweezers, blade, king kong special fixture, steel rule, and the print head ( A special tool for remove the print head heat sink) 。 Using special fixture, heat sink, you can see several layers structure. Will head down, loosen the positioning claw, get off after the above copper cover, you can see twelve long needle, the distribution of the circular from test the results distinguish breakage is short or long needle, and then count the broken needle position, use tweezers to take out the aside; If there is a short needle breakage, continued to take out all the long needle, then use the blade along the middle of the yellow copper gaskets under separate, 12 short needle, take out the broken needle with the same method. Then take off a good needle ( Take a short or long needle breakage that apparent change) , steel accurately measure the length of the needle, the new needle according to the size of the measure, tumbled with diamond grinding ( Attention to the head of the needle burrs grinding) Insert, then from the original position, after changing the pressure of the end of the 12 needle gently with fingers, the needle out from the front, at this time, should see 1 needle and 24 the needle exposed, and each column should be interval between needle and needle hole, if there is position wrong, must be readjusted. At the same time, when the fingers can immediately narrowing after let go of the needle, ensure smooth out the needle. Only after confirm all short needle in place, you can install the long needle. Even before they close the brass to make each the dowel pin into the groove of the needle, the needle positioning hole closed, check the gap can be installed without long needle. Long needle inserted just according to the corresponding hole position, long needle from the tail to his head, to go through a few guide groove, the above slots are easy to wear down. The second hole is a little difficult, as long as in the past, the needle can go down those routes, it is easy to reach the location. The thumb pressure armature, needle should show 1 mm, said the change to the needle is good. After all good after, pressure on copper cover, should be no cracks, packed tripods, positioning claw on heat sink, can use the computer to print test.
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