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How to correct the label drum unit ribbon maintenance?

by:Colorunion     2020-09-10
Tags inside the label making machine ribbon in the tag drum unit plays a very important role, but a ribbon if there is a problem, will cause the whole machine running appear problem, so we in order to avoid some unnecessary trouble in the daily need to maintain good label making machine ribbon, so it need us to correct maintenance label ribbon, safeguard the ribbon to have longer service life, here small make up to introduce you how to operate the toner cartridge unit to maintain ribbon:

1, we must learn to make drum ribbon 'forever' stays wet. Label ribbon work after a long time about the ribbon on the ink will gradually exhausted, the final label making machine can't print the normal content. We can use two pieces of small bubble 'soak' ink, the ribbon closely caught in the middle.

tag drum unit. PNG

2, need skilled operation paper thickness regulator, to ensure the drum unit for the print head and the surface of the printing paper is always at a suitable distance. Because in normal circumstances, if the drum unit is using a new ribbon we can by adjusting the print paper thickness regulator to avoid effect of handwriting is too strong. Eventually be able to effectively guarantee the quality of printing. We need at the time of adjusting the paper thickness regulator, we on the premise of ensure the printing effect can satisfy the need to fully follow the principle of can is big.

3, usually using the learned label making machine for the ribbon adjustment '. If you meet a printing ribbon using process box rotational blockages leads to drum unit repeat use ribbon of a certain area. We could start with the ribbon of 'loopholes' part of cut has cut the ribbon and then use the tape together.

4, we need to learn to give drum ribbon supplement 'power'. Is the selenium drum ink ribbon. Ribbon work over a long period of time to make drums on the surface of the ink is consumed, more or less does not change in time print to effect may be lack of light or color. The two pieces of suitable size so we can find small bubbles and took the printing ink, the small bubble tight clips show ribbon to the outside of the ribbon box area and gently twist ribbon shaft by hand.
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