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How to clean up the drum unit of residual waste toner

by:Colorunion     2020-09-16
Familiar with drums wholesale all know drum unit after a period of time after the use of toner will gradually decrease and eventually run out, most people in the toner can choose to continue to add alternative toner after use, in fact many people may not know drum unit when replacement is not really to completely run out of toner. Like a remote control car battery, although cars can't move but still has electric battery on the remote control. Actually, selenium drum is the same reason. So the toner cartridge unit should pay special attention to clean up when in powder. If you don't be cleared, adding carbon powder and the original carbon powder is likely because incompatible to form a lump of solid. Below, selenium drum manufacturers to share, clean up the specific methods of toner residues on drums, clean up the old drums residual waste toner is divided into two parts. In a, carbon powder compact cleaning a drum unit, the first to do is to pour clean waste cartridges cartridges and carbon carbon powder, then use brush gently brush away residue on the edge of the carbon powder compact carbon powder. Where no brush cleaning, of course, can use hair dryer clean waste toner. It is important to note: dry carbon cartridges toner residues at the bottom of the blower, there will be a lot of carbon powder dust, to prevent the pollution of other equipment, operation should be carried out in outdoor. After clean up the powder of carbon in carbon powder compact, around the carbon powder compact carbon powder, also need to clean. Second, is charging roller, magnetic roller clean. The carbon the waste toner cartridges cartridges and waste residue after cleared, but also on the charging roller, magnetic roller powder of waste residue to clean up, specific methods are as follows: 1, clear when charging roller with magnetic roller, to find the charging roller and magnetic roller fixed screw, with a screwdriver unscrewed the screw. Will charge roller with magnetic roller carefully removed from the toner cartridge unit. Most of the charging roller at both ends with plastic gears, wipe off before you charge at the ends of the roller gear. 2, clean with cotton or soft cloth to clean up the waste powder on the charging roller. Clean up after charging will roll back on the drum unit box, and good at the ends of the screw. unit manufacturer tip: charging roller and drum drum core is very close, drum core surface has a special coating, coating once damage will affect the print effect. So when removing the two parts do not use a screwdriver contact drum core.
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