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How to choose and buy printer supplies - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-05
Printer development up to now, has entered the universal phase, whether enterprise company, agency, individual or family, it can be seen everywhere. Some friends think that choose to buy a printer is a very headache, but tends to be ignored another problem & ndash; — Consumable materials. With printers, buy printer supplies is inevitable, but this time you will find that, originally the choose and buy supplies more headaches than buy a printer. Because now consumes the material on the market, including the original consumables, general supplies, counterfeit supplies three categories, fake consumable we don't have to mention, fake who will not choose, but it can be said to be mixed company, consumers unavoidably the edition. So we as an ordinary consumer, how to choose and buy printer supplies? Here, let small make up tips to share with you.
select printer supplies, generally from four aspects to consider, respectively is: the printing effect, quality, price, cost, after-sales service.
print effect is the important measure of a printer, the printer is used to print things, in addition to the performance of the machine itself, printer supplies is undoubtedly influence the effect of printing is an important link. Inside the original consumables, general supplies, original material printing effect is best, no doubt but that doesn't mean the general material printing effect is a mess. Now there are many technology has reached the international standard of general supplies manufacturers, produced consumables in print effects and original consumables gap is not big, deal with daily work no problem printing. In printing effect, the light is not enough to listen to the opinions of the merchants and consumers are buying you should some experience store look at the scene on the spot print effect, thus decided to choose what kind of material. Look to note that the print effect not only monomer on colour now, and whether the printed images is exquisite, the writing is clear, and so on. Product quality,
the so-called refers to material quality of the product itself. This includes whether the leak of ink cartridge, the nozzle will appear congestion and other issues. Because sometimes, the printing effect may not be problems of products, but may occur after long-term use of partial color, print documents appear offline, and so on and so forth. Product, these problems usually are some unknown general supplies, even some fake consumable materials. Because this kind of material in the production process does not pass, or is the use of the ink is unqualified, it would be easy to cause congestion problem such as the decrease of the quality of the printing head, printing, serious still can cause the print head damage, let equipment scrapped, the user is not worth the cost. Therefore, when selecting a material, good product quality is also very critical.
consumable price has always been the concern of the user, and talk about the most popular topics, printer supplies, after all, are consumables, often need to purchase, material price directly determines the late printing costs. On the issue of material price, can be said to be the strengths. Original material price is expensive, but good print quality, effect is guaranteed; General consumable on price without some sort of industry standard, some general consumable price and the difference of the original is not very big, some general consumable price is very low. But looked from the overall price, the price of original material base is one of the common consumables times, even more than double. Here, the user also notice a problem, is the fake consumables, its price is much cheaper in the market, some unscrupulous merchants, through various technical means of fraud, and these counterfeit material source, basic it is recycled products, the products have no security in the print quality and after-sales.
printer supplies is a kind of consumables, for enterprise company or some users perform a big change is the norm, as a result, sometimes encounter some because of material itself, improper use or operation, caused occasionally leads to plug, such as print bolt failure. But usually solve these problems, the user will turn to the manufacturer's after sales and technical support. Now printer manufacturer at the time of sale machine, in the user instructions will indicate: there & other; Due to use is not the machine problem caused by the factory original consumables, nothing with free maintenance. ” So, choose general supplies consumers, should know what you buy what is general consumables manufacturer in after-sales service, for example, have special after-sale service center, have after-sales service telephone, provide does not provide door-to-door service, etc. Some users will use general consumable materials after warranty period of the printer, anyway the warranty maintenance costs money, then you can try, but should pay attention to avoid to choose some little-known, after there is no guarantee of small workshops production supplies.

note: this article editing by the shenzhen drum unit manufacturer, mainly produces domestic drums and drums accessories, website: http://www. xiguchang。 com
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