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How to choose and buy inkjet cartridge again paper

by:Colorunion     2020-09-15
Typed paper is inkjet drum unit output medium, choose the correct or not directly related to not only the actor bad of character of printing; From saving the drum unit wholesale cost point of view, the importance of printing paper no less drum unit. Now on the market of inkjet cartridge again there are three kinds of frequently used printing paper, namely ordinary copy paper, ink jet printing paper and photo printing paper. If the user selects the inkjet cartridge again is a mid-range mainly used to print documents or general picture of the product quality, so ordinary copy paper is you. unit used for A4 or A3 copy paper wide. To distinguish between quality according to 70 grams, 80 grams and 100 grams of paper; Paper color is divided into bleaching and the white ( The paper is slightly yellow) Two kinds. This paper cost is low, the user in the print setup 'print medium' choose plain paper, 'print quality' choose 'fast' or 'ink saving mode'. This text output effect well, the picture quality is not flattery. Now inkjet cartridge again can also print envelopes, postcards, business CARDS, etc. , we put a piece to ordinary paper also print category, operation when the papers choose corresponding print media, and according to the thickness of the different medium adjusting feed trough lest print into the paper links appear problem. Copy paper brands in the market now is numerous, including flagship ssangyong, jingang, the author use after all feel good, the market price 20 yuan a pack of 70 grams of paper. 400 or 500) 20%, 80 grams of you. Since is color inkjet cartridge again you must need to print pictures of good quality, as a result of the copy paper paper fiber structure is loose, the surface was not processed, if use hard copy paper to print high-quality photos, there will be spilled ink ( Color ink accumulation on the surface paper) And the paper ( The ink through the paper) Even damaged due to many times with the location of the ink-jet paper. Such not only can not get ideal photos, also can cause toner cartridge unit internal contaminated with ink, paper residue after crushing machine internal will seriously affect the normal use of toner cartridge unit. So print photos or use inkjet cartridge again special printing paper are reliable.
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