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how printer ink cartridges came to be

by:Colorunion     2020-10-13
With the introduction of inkjet printers and printer cartridges in 1984, the task of printing your documents and replacing printer cartridges has become more convenient and more reliable and cleaner than previous methods of replacing ribbons or inserting toner cartridges.
Until 1984, the ink delivery system was not as reliable as it is now.
The inkjet system replaces the old dot matrix method, which requires a ribbon replacement.
Long before the printer industry began to conceive of a new ink delivery technology, including a way to drop on demand.
Several companies are the driving force behind the development of inkjet technology, which was widely accepted by 1990.
Today, it is the preferred way to print requirements and will print black and white documents as well as color graphics and photos.
Due to the development of printer cartridges, the quality is very good.
It can be printed on many different sizes and types of paper, fabric, film, etc.
These printers are used by millions of businesses, schools and families around the world.
Each printer uses a specific printer cartridge, and the most common is one cartridge in black and one cartridge in color.
Each cartridge has a identification number and lists the models of each printer that can use it.
While each printer manufacturer recommends its own brand of printer cartridges, it is possible to refill the cartridges on its own or to purchase refills, re-manufactures or compatible cartridges.
There are two types of refilling cartridges: you can do it yourself with a kit that allows you to refill your own cartridges.
The price of the refill kit is very low, and sometimes it is the choice of those who don\'t mind making the refill to save money.
Another option is to purchase refilled cartridges from the manufacturer.
This method includes drilling, filling and sealing empty cartridges.
The remanufactured cartridge is an original printer cartridge that has been taken apart if needed and is equipped with ink and new parts.
Then, check and test it before putting it into the market for re-testingsell.
The process of these cartridges is usually guaranteed that there will be no defects during the cartridge life.
Life is usually the same as the original, it is safe to use in all printers and will not affect the warranty on the printer.
The cost is lower than before.
Another type of ink cartridge developed in recent years is the Lumia compatible ink cartridge.
In short, it is a cartridge of the same specifications as the original manufacturer, usually cheaper than the original cartridge.
It also guarantees that there will be no defects in its life cycle.
Inkjet printers using printer cartridges due to their high production-
High quality printing materials, cheap and fast price.
The manufacturer\'s printer cartridge is an option, and the use of an alternative printer cartridge is another option.
When purchasing printer cartridges, be sure to buy from a reputable dealer.
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