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How long in a drum? These knowledge skills to know

by:Colorunion     2020-09-10
Will be no drums with the with the toner, drum unit available, just need to change. But we as a user, how can I have the ability of the prophet, and know when you want to change? If the unit has a lot of drums and what should I do? Here is really have a lot of tips.

how long toner cartridge unit change: the progress of the selenium drum

the recent invention of HP laser selenium drum LaserJet s, selenium drum is really don't know when drum unit is running out. So can only be bought the case, but there is a problem may be printed, dozen half gone, this embarrassment always happen. In order to reduce user appear this kind of problem, HP drum drum unit in a chip.

the user can through the fuselage, LCD driver interface to know how many drums left

this chip has two effects. The first is the anti-counterfeiting, selenium drum drum unit is real or fake, you know. A second or so is and drum unit communication, told how much carbon powder is left. If there is a LCD screen drum unit, will be displayed on the screen of carbon powder consumption progress, how much remaining, tend to have. And if there is no LCD screen drum unit, the driver generally also displays how many drums left, so if a single toner cartridge unit, actually can still anticipation.

how long drum unit change: burly free software

but for the company, the problem may become very troublesome. As the IT staff, could not every day is each see which no one revolution of the drum drum unit. So you need to use software to realize the of all drum drum unit state monitoring. But the question is: have such software?

free Web Jetadmin can see how much each drums left drums, manage and

do have. HP is a free software, called Web JetAdmin. The software don't money, but can monitor all HP brand in local area network (LAN) as well as some support agreement third party brand printing equipment, can be simple setting, such as 3% remaining change triggered alarm, so once there's drum unit, the software will report to the IT staff, IT can change your job very easy to complete, this is great progress?

jingdong electricity strong distribution capabilities, such as actually reduces the enterprise hoarding toner cartridge pressure

there is a problem, purchasing the rhythm of the drum unit. If is a person, be about to statistics each quarter usually consumes much, don't get don't have a spare, that may be embarrassing. , of course, if the enterprise is also good, because there are Web Jetadmin this software, can set the rest of the police. In alarm when purchasing can, because the date is quite close to run out, can encounter.

finish reading this article, 'how long in a drum? 'The question do you understand?
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