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How hp12a drums plus powder - Shenzhen drum manufacturers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-06
Hp12a drums and other one-piece drum unit, are composed of powder warehouse with waste powder warehouse. When drums of powder used up, we must add powder powder storehouse of selenium drum and clearing drums of waste powder waste powder storehouse. So how hp12a drums plus powder? Actually we want to open the cover of the plug drum unit powder storehouse, then filling into powder, specific operation steps, please refer to the hp12a drums plus powder illustrations, not repeat here. , of course, if you are using is easy to add powder homemade drum unit, then add powder is simple, generally easy to add powder drum surface has a waste powder storehouse and the lid of the warehouse, add powder when open the lid of the powder storehouse can fill powder, needn't dismantle drum unit. Remove waste powder storehouse of waste powder as well as simple, open the lid of the waste powder storehouse dump waste powder, and then cover the lid can be back.
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