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Green reusable printing technology

by:Colorunion     2020-09-12
Recently, British researchers have developed a new technology Using a laser to remove the stains from paper, which may lead to the birth of a new type of toner cartridge unit - Both can spray ink on paper, and the ink on paper can be cleared. If the technology can be out of the lab, that would mean a piece of paper before it into the recycling center, can be reused more than five times. According to new scientist reports, the processed paper don't see any obvious trace of use. Scientists DavidLeal - as part of this research Ayala said that the principle of this technology is to use laser to evaporate carbon powder, the key is to find an appropriate level of laser energy, make it can get rid of the ink on paper, without damage to the paper itself. In fact, Japanese Toshiba's scientists have also developed a machine that can remove the ink, but it must use the company production of special blue stain. While at the university of Cambridge has successfully developed non lapping method, no use of chemical solvents. Against Japanese company of technology, Cambridge JulianAllwood, head of the project, said: 'Toshiba blue dye paper has entered the market for a while, it looks like an old-fashioned thermal fax paper, under the condition of certain light can get rid of the handwriting. But the premise is you have to buy this kind of dyeing of paper. 'JulianAllwood said:' our goal is to develop a can directly eliminate the method of conventional toner on ordinary paper, in order to achieve the goal of recycled paper. And Toshiba is adopted another method to solve the same problem. 'From the west of England university's center for effective print CarinnaParraman explained: in today's society, the ink on the paper recycling has become a big industry, because people can be extracted from after dealing with the deinking of paper a lot of useful fibers, and the repeated use of paper also be conducive to the protection of the environment, that is to say, don't have to put more energy, resources, and water into paper recycling project. Leal- Ayala said: although the technology has been achieved, but also need to apply this technology to life practice further observation. Although today's printing industry has been in hot carbon powder for printing, in order to prevent heat damage to the paper, but it is unclear whether can use the same laser for printing and ink removal work.
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