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Green printing and digital printing as general administration have been the focus of the annual check

by:Colorunion     2020-09-04
Recently, the general office of general administration of press and publication issued in 2013 printing enterprise annual check work printed and distributed to inform and copy unit, which will be the development of green printing and digital printing printing enterprise dynamic control as the focus of the work.

notice has been clear about the printing enterprise the focus of the annual check. One is around to strengthen the supervision of printing enterprise implement the system of five, to strengthen the supervision of key enterprises and regions, especially in the 2012 printing to reproduce and distribute a special operation regulation is to investigate and punish illegal enterprises to suspend the annual check. Around the second is to focus on printing enterprise in terms of three wastes treatment and environmental protection and energy saving equipment upgrade, focused on the related data statistics printing production, fully grasp the latest situation of the development of printing industry and problems.

notification also made clear copy unit annual check of the key. One is around to carefully check copy unit to perform a power of attorney system, CD source identification number ( The SID code) Etching system and CD production source identification to the Ministry of Public Security center to submit the sample plate. 2 it is to carefully examine and verify the replication units around the main replication equipment purchase, registration and use of the situation, resolutely discarded equipment into the underground engaged in illegal copying, the increase, import, buy, not according to stipulations, change the behavior of the replication production equipment to the earnest investigation according to law.

notification to complete annual check work before the end of March 2013, the work and the annual check and statistics annals unified deployment, synchronous implementation, timely report.
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