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General ink OCP release Canon and brothers

by:Colorunion     2020-09-11
OCP has released a set of common ink, can be applied to Canon, and brother series drum toner cartridge unit. The launch of the pigment ink is mainly suitable for Canon aneroid Maxify inkjet cartridge again. Allegedly, the Canon of FINE black drum unit has 1200 print head nozzle, other 1024 nozzle for each color drum unit. OCP, according to the research and development of the ink is very successful, can satisfy the need of users of different office, and at the same time also developed suitable for MFC - J4420, 4620532, 0562 and 5720 monochrome inkjet cartridge again and monochrome ink pigment dye ink. OCP Suggestions regeneration of the toner cartridge unit to use alternative or reset chip. In addition, the OCP also said it would provide ink sample to manufacturers, to help them in the local market to promote the new type of ink. At the same time, OCP chip reset device will also be listed.
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