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General drum unit wholesale power green health

by:Colorunion     2020-09-13
Each year in nearly 2 billion old drums. Have reported, including waste drum unit, every year in our country abandoned drums wholesale if transport can be loaded by the train 5000 carriages. Toner low carbon powder diameter is 5 - only 12 microns, volatilization forming dust extremely easily, cause respiratory disease and blood diseases, cancer, even caused incalculable harm to human body health. The toner low carbon powder residue and trace heavy metals and other electronic waste, non-biodegradable, landfill will not degrade in 1000 underground decay, by the world as a hazardous material. These harmful material residues in the soil, causing serious pollution of soil, air and water, each with 10 - waste drum unit 30 g of carbon powder, every 10 g 8 m after toner will pollution of land, a drop of ink can 60 m after the water pollution. As a factory has 20 years of general drum unit wholesale, drum unit such as drum unit wholesale first to try to drum drum unit, innovative technology, launch regeneration drum unit, starting from the resource conservation, strive for the green environmental protection career. Drums manufacturers toner cartridge unit wholesale company products up to more than 600 kinds, with laser selenium drum drum unit ( Black, the color drum drum) , laser fax machine drums, drum core, toner, drum unit, ink, ribbon is complementary. Main products compatible for HP, Canon, epson, lenovo, samsung, brother, xerox, panasonic, kyocera and other dozens of brands of drums. Each finished products in strict accordance with the sampling standard 'GB2828 / T - 2003 standard 'from the factory inspection, its performance fully reach the origin of printing effect. So the user can be at ease use our products, let the user use less money to buy the good goods is our management target, our slogan is - - - Drums with selenium drum manufacturers, save money and worry, we have been working on for this purpose.
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