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General drum good or original drum unit are of good quality

by:Colorunion     2020-09-14
When people are buying drum drum unit, one question: good general toner cartridge unit or original drum unit are of good quality? In fact the snarling, according to a test center told us: general quality and original drum drum unit quality is not matched, same quality. Independent testing inspection center of Germany StiftungWarentest release test report shows: general quality and original drum drum unit as good quality. General drum unit compared with the original drum unit, price concessions, quality, use the generic drum unit can save a lot of money. The report proved general drum unit will not damage the drum unit, with the original manufacturer's propaganda is just the opposite. The center by using 17 drums do the life test, print 5000 pages, not a drum unit fault occurs. After that the print quality almost as well as the quality of the original print drum unit. At the same time, the report also recommends that customers use the generic drum unit, now know that general drum unit or original toner cartridge unit quality good, the heart has its own answer.
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