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Fuji xerox wireless laser selenium drum forthcoming

by:Colorunion     2020-09-11
With advances in technology, laser selenium drum - will have many kind of products Wireless laser drum unit. Fuji xerox will launch three new wireless laser printing, entry-level laser selenium toner cartridge products, including wireless laser selenium toner cartridge DocuPrint P118w, wireless laser all-in-one DocuPrint M118w and DocuPrint M118z.

according to Fuji xerox's official introduction, these three wireless laser selenium toner cartridge has a convenient and quick, smooth printing, stylish, economic efficiency and so on many advantage. To DocuPrint P118w as an example, the product has 600 x 600 dpi print resolution and printing speed of 20 pages per minute, able to quickly rendering high-quality printing effect. In terms of wireless printing, this product is equipped with a one-click WPS button, just press the WPS button directly for wireless connection. In addition, both the built-in iOS or Androrid system of mobile devices, by Fuji Xerox Print & amp; Scan the Utility APP can easily implement instant printing pictures and web pages.
Fuji xerox's classic design of the smart card proof is DocuPrint P118w reflected, can effectively avoid paperboard. This makes it have excellent paper treatment ability, even if the fold can also smooth the output of the paper. At the same time, the three versions on the cost performance is very good, they all use the drum separation design, after the toner used up, only need to replace the ink cartridges. In addition, DocuPrint P118w random standard 10000, the long life of drums and 1500 pages of high-capacity ink cartridges.
in addition, the product has many improvements in saving paper and toner, equipped with various functions save paper and toner, ink pattern allows for example in the province to adjust the toner concentration on a page, prolong the service life of compact; More pages and print function can be more original print on a page.
let's hope on Fuji xerox wireless laser drum unit product launches, hope office drum unit wholesale more environmentally friendly, more economical, more intelligent.
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