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Four kinds of core technology of 3 d printing, occupy half of the two titans

by:Colorunion     2020-09-03
3 d printing 3 d printing is a 3 d model is converted into an actual object technology. 3 d printing is a kind of rapid prototyping technology. Traditional way of work is a layer on another layer. Compared to other stacking technique, 3 d printers drum unit common rapid, less expensive and easier to use.
a change involves consists of ink printing system. First is decided by a CAD file of each cross section shape, again through the water-based adhesive ink print head, the tiny powder layer selectively together, this technology is currently the only can print full color rapid prototyping technology. Is also the fastest way. This technique by Z Corporation commercial market sales. ( Z Corpration by 3 d Systems' $137 million acquisition)
some equipment using liquid materials, such as optical polymeric material, through the ink print head to solidification model of each layer. Photopolymerization materials is such equipment application is installed on a print head uv flash curing each layer, just like coating. The technology market for 3 d Systems and all Objet. For the new Stratasys Objet and Stratasys merger.
deposition forming modeling ( FDM) Technology, but also the traditional rapid prototyping technology, on the supporting structure, the use of a nozzle molten polymers, one layer at a time. The technology for Stratasys all. In addition, the first open source design such as reference and fab @ home began to be used.
another method is that, in particle platforms, the selective fusion print objects. This approach represented by candyfab design. In this change, not fusion medium was used as a support, then part of thin wall print it out, thus reducing the temporary auxiliary support the need for artifacts.
each technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Usually said, the main consideration is speed, cost, ease of use, printer drum unit cost, material choice, what color and so on.
don't like traditional stacking system such as stereo lithography technology, 3 d printing optimization speed and low cost, ease of use for the concept of engineering design phase. Strength of molding precision is not important.
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