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Four color laser drum unit maintenance

by:Colorunion     2020-09-10
Fixing the maintenance of the heating roller fixing heating roller stick on a layer of toner after use for a long time, make the print a black mark. Can dip in with cotton wool anhydrous asperse essence to wipe it clean. Use the blade to shave of avoid by all means to prevent damage fixing heating roller. Photoelectric sensor maintenance photoelectric sensor is polluted, will cause the toner cartridge unit test failure. Such as manual feed sensor is pollution, the drum unit test paper with signal control system, manual feed function failure. Should, therefore, the related responsibility of each sensors with cotton wool surface to wipe clean, keep them clean, always have the sensor sensitivity. unit maintenance laser selenium toner cartridge drum unit for organic silicon light conductor, there is work fatigue, can undertake the maintenance in accordance with the following: 1. Carefully remove the drum unit components, use absorbent cotton to wipe clean surface, but not hard, just in case the drum surface scratch. 2, when wiping delimit spiral coil method, should be taken when wiping should adopt cross spiral coil method, polished immediately after use absorbent cotton to clean detergent. 3, with gauze bag with talcum powder on the drum surface a layer of talcum powder, pat can be refitted to use. Article 4, sensor plate and the maintenance of transmitter lock plate with a soft cloth dips in water, slightly to silver strip board and transmitter of the lock plate deposited dust and other foreign bodies to wipe clean, to ensure that the transmission. Lose the paper guide plate maintenance paper guide plate is located in the lower part of the ink cartridges, its role is to make the paper on ink cartridges transmitted to fixing component. During cleaning, dip in with soft cloth slightly the surface of the water will lose paper guide paper to wipe clean, in order to ensure clean printout. Before the cleaning work, must first turn off the power of the drum unit.
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