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Epson to sharply cut use of drum unit wholesale

by:Colorunion     2020-09-12
When it comes to energy conservation and environmental protection products, many people may immediately think of electric cars, often think of LED lights, will think of bearing & quot; 我'mnotapapercup” The cup. If the drums I'm afraid a lot of people are confused about, because in the eyes of everyone, drums just lying in the printing room or home study a quiet machine, hadn't thought of it his knack for energy saving and environmental protection. Small make up, too, with the drums to the problem of energy conservation and environmental protection, epson how to significantly reduce the use of toner cartridge unit wholesale. Epson in wangfujing low carbon public welfare activity this year, an interesting contrast: the same to the bike power as an energy source of two drums, epson ink storehouse type drum unit can pass people rode a bicycle capacity of normal work, and the other a toner cartridge unit due to insufficient power and can't be used normally. This comparison from the aspects of energy saving, embodies the characteristics of epson products. Yuan Xue introduced to, thanks to the unique micro piezo print technology, epson drums at work don't need to ink heating can be print, and use hot foaming technique of selenium drum takes more energy to work properly, at the same time, laser drums also requires a lot of energy to melt carbon powder after hot pressing on the paper, the core technology of different also decided to epson products with energy saving nature. Also print one page file, epson drum unit power consumption is only 1/20 of the ordinary laser drum unit. The energy consumption of a variety of electrical appliances product with the logo, the consumer can be easily through these & quot; Level 1, level 2, level 3 & quot; Logo to determine whether the product energy saving of energy consumption. There is currently no unified drum unit product energy consumption, Yuan Xue also said that hopes to push related department to the drum unit energy consumption standard, let everybody when choosing drum unit product, to energy-saving as part of the consideration; Reduce electricity consumption is a feature of selenium drum energy conservation and environmental protection, reduce the consumption of ink is another characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection. Through the micro piezo print technology, epson commercial inkjet cartridge again to print 7. 50000 paper only need four ink bag, and if you use ordinary laser selenium drum to print the paper, you will need to consume 52 drum unit. Epson ink bin type drum unit in only 4 bottles of ink can be achieved 100 drum unit perform ordinary inkjet cartridge again. Type drum unit, so to speak, the ink storehouse to sharply cut use of the drum unit wholesale, this not only reduces the consumers to pay money, but also reduce the production cost by these drums of resources and environmental costs. Epson printing technology of energy conservation and environmental protection is not only reflected in the products, in the field of fashion design has also quietly doing contribution for the environment. It is said that epson large-format drums SC - F2080 can directly print on t-shirts, not only convenient, save time, electricity and chemical reagent usage has strict standards, can significantly reduce the use of drum unit wholesale, fully satisfy today's fast personalized era. A drum can make so many contribution in the field of energy saving and environmental protection, if more products can be according to like epson research and development, production, costs, both for consumers used or friendly to environment and resources, will have a lot of improvement.
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